ODXA - eh?


(A much better
DX Club)

Is this what your DX Camp looks like?

A bunch of boring guys sitting around
listening to boring stuff on the radio?

Then you've never been to ODXA DX Camp!

There's nothing like DX Camp at our 3500 hectare ODXA Resort Complex.

Through our computer-controlled switching network, each of our 150 listening stations can connect to any of our 279 on-site antennas (including 134 beverages).

And, for a small additional fee, there's access to our remote beverage farms at Newfoundland, Vancouver Island, New Zealand, and Barbados.

Tiffany is manager of our DXer Support Department. She and her staff will make sure you have everything you need for a productive DX-filled weekend.

Or, if you prefer, Robert and his staff will be happy to assist you.

At ODXA DX Camp, no one eats beanie-weenies!
Our chefs keep the buffet tables full 24 hours a day. No diets here!

There's no need to go to the buffet while you're busy DXing. Our friendly serving staff will bring whatever you desire right to your listening post.

Long hours sitting in a chair DXing can lead to stiff muscles. That's why we keep four trained masseuses and one masseur on staff. In this picture taken at 0730 UTC Steve Lebronsky gets a rub-down after a grueling three hour session DXing Africans. After his massage and a half hour in the hot tub, Steve will be refreshed and ready to go after Brazilians at 0900.

We want your DXing experience to be as authentic as possible. Each day, whenever you log your first Middle Eastern station that day, be sure to page the desk to send one of our Turkish belly-dancers to perform for you. Just imagine yourself as official DXer for the sultan!

As a souvenir of your visit, be sure to buy one of our official ODXA DX Coffee Mugs from Suzanne, our roving mugs salesgirl. Suzanne is a student at Nipissing University majoring in electrical engineering. So, be sure to give her a nice tip - some day she may be designing radios for you!


Just $59.99 Canadian per day.

(Sure, we're losing money.
But we've got to do something with the millions
we've made selling DX Coffee Mugs
over the past three decades.)