Australian Defense
Forces Radio

This 1959 QSL from Australian Defense Forces Radio features one of the most unusual fighting forces ever assembled. In the late 1950s, attack kangaroos were considered to be an ideal solution to chronic manpower shortages in the Australian Army. At its peak, the Kangaroo Corps had over 2,500 highly trained and highly deadly kangaroos, plus their 136 human officers. From 1965-1967, several hundred saw combat duty with the Australian contingent in the Vietnam War. The corps was disbanded in 1978 due to pressure from animal rights' groups. It would not have been safe to let these highly trained killing machines lose in the wild as it was feared that roving bands might begin attacking human settlements, so the Australian Army used them as targets for artillery practice.

This QSL is from the collection of Harry Harney of Cocked Hat, Delaware. Harry is best remembered as the inventor of the O code, which eventually evolved into the current SINPO code.