Radio Illimani

This interesting QSL from Radio Illimani is one of the earliest Bolivian QSLs in our collection. It pictures a toppled statue of Last Week's President. The mystery is just which deposed president is pictured. On the back it verifies a reception on 18 July 1943 and is postmarked 23 September 1946. Dan Muir tells us that there were no coups within several months of those dates. His best guess is that the card is commemorating either the coup of 6 June 1945 or 19 January 1946, although he doesn't rule out the coups of 3 November 1944, 9 December 1944, or 29 March 1945. He defintely rules out the coup of 15 February 1945 which deposed Presidente Leonardo Garcia, as Garcia had only one arm and the statue clearly has two.

This is another QSL from the collection of Jasper Lombard of Sweet Lips, Tennessee. Jasper was a well-known DXer of the era who was always welcomed at DX conventions and gatherings, mostly because he always brought along a few jugs of his homemade corn-squeezings. Jasper DXed from the mid-1930s until 1956 when his hearing was destroyed by an explosion by a jug of his favorite beverage. Unable to DX, he took up needle-point and became quite proficient at reproducing circuit diagrams with needle-and-thread. Several of his works are on display in the Tennessee Folk Art Museum in Knoxville.