Is Your DX Club

Willing To Take A Stand

Against List-Logging?

BLANDX understands how the scourge of list-logging can quickly destroy the integrity of a DX Club.

And, (unlike most DX clubs) we are willing to take a stand.

That's why we've launched the How's My DXing program.

Every partipating DX club is given its own mailbox number at the 1-800-LIST-LOG line to which messages about list-logging violations can be left. (Local numbers will be made available in other countries.)

Sadly, dozens of DX Clubs and Organizations have refused to join us in this battle. Not a one of the big national and international radio clubs such as NASWA, ODXA, DSCWI, Play-DX, ADDX, NZRDXL, BDXC, ARC, etc. will so much as return our phone calls or answer our e-mails. Clearly the leadership of these organizations just doesn't have the cojones to take on tough issues. But, if you are not with us, then you are against us.

To date, only the Michigan Association of Radio Enthusiasts has been willing to put their reputation on the line by joining BLANDX in the How's My DXing program.

Club officials require that all club members display the How's My DXing alert sign not only at official club DXpeditions, but even in their own radio shacks if they intend to contribute material to club publications. The MARE membership has proudly and enthusiastically embraced the How's My DXing program.

Based on past history, some participants are required to wear an alert on both front and back.

If your club has the cojones to take a stand, write to us at

Or, visit us in person at the How's My DXing World Headquarters in Michigan. Ask for Vito.