The Second Book of Caca

And it came to pass in the great land of the north that legions of the idealistic young did join the League of Kumbaya with the intent of journeying to distant lands to do good. The men in the League of the Kumbaya were also interested in seeing bare-breasted native women.

And some members of the League of the Kumbaya did journey south to the Land of the Patepluma. Although the women in the Land of the Patepluma do not go about bare-breasted, those of the Kumbaya saw many intesting sights and partook in a multitude of fascinating experiences. They also became very familiar with shit in many forms.

In the Land of the Patepluma, they learned to tread lightly and with great care, for one can never be sure where shit may be encountered.

They learned to carry paper for cleaning the shit off of themselves at all times, for such paper would never be encountered in any annex.

Some of the Kumbaya journeyed deep into the mountains to small villages. There they taught the peasants how to build latrines so that the peasants would have a place to store their shit. But this prospect deeply troubled the peasants and they queried But, if we build latrines, what will our pigs eats? Now it was the idealists of the League of the Kumbaya that were deeply troubled as they pondered the pork they had eaten for lunch. Their respect grew greatly for followers of the Torah and followers of Mohammed, neither of whom consume porcine creatures.

One of their number, one Don of DX, journeyed to a village where there beith no latrines. One afternoon, he did wander off into the forest to perform the sacred number two. As he searchedeth for the right bush, he noticed that he was being followed by a happy porker. As Don of DX peformed his number two, the porker watched from a polite distance. And, when the number two was finished and Don of DX was walking away, the porker announced "Time to eat!" and did so. To the porker, it was truly good shit.

And whether said porker was every used to make weenies for the sacred beanie-weenies is not known.