The Book of Journeys

The four Holy Wise-Ass DXers, St. Jerry, St. Nathaniel, St. Kenneth (the other St. Kenneth) and St. Timothy saw the DXpedition notice in the Heavens. And lo, the four Holy Wise-Ass DXers journeyed from the Land of the Maple Leaf where dwelleth the Tiger Cat, into the Land of the Lower Peninsula to seek refuge in the Holy Apostolic DXpedition Cabin. The four Holy Wise-Ass DXers carried with them exotic gifts of Pringles, Canadian Cents and Molson.

When the four Holy Wise-Ass DXers reached the Holy Apostolic DXpedition Cabin, they found other Seekers of DX who had erected antennas in homage to Skip and Bev. The four Holy Wise-Ass DXers were awed at the skill of these other Seekers of DX in the remote woodlands of the Land of the Lower Peninsula, where the snows of winter linger and the burrs snappeth at thine pants. There was much rejoicing, belching and farting.

There was amongst them a fair maiden who spake unto them; "Get thee hither, thou foul and disgusting pagans." The others bade her not, and put another can of Sacred Beanie Weenies on the hearth.