The Book of Lamentations

Forgive me Hauser for I have sinned. It has been two solar cycles since my last confession.

I have gazed upon my neighbors antennas with lustful abandon. Their towers are taller than mine, with their beams place so high. I roam my neighborhood, looking in backyards for wire strung in throughout the trees.

I have used radios without knobs or dials. My SDR is so functional and easy to use. I have not tuned by dial in many months.

The loss of broadcast stations across the spectrum angers me. I rage at their stupidity and hold anger in my heart.

I have cavorted with individuals who transmit on frequencies not assigned to them. Their programs are so interesting they tempt me, yea I know it to be wrong.

I have neglected my dipole. Sitting in my shack year after year without the ambition to replace the old coax or inspect the cracked balun. I procrastinate to another day so I don�t have to leave my comfortable chair.

And I have held pride in my heart for the DXing I have committed. Logging each station that I hear meticulously, knowing my log sheet is more organized than others.

O� Hauser forgive my transgressions. I am only a lowly DXer who strives to improve his signal.