The Miracle at 2130 UTC

This most famous of Andy Warhol's DX related paintings depicts the appearance of the Archangel Marconi to The Deacon of Dearborn at the first DXpedition in the Holy Apostolic DX Cabin. At that time, proper DXing attire consisted of a long polyester cloak with nothing underneath, although it was acceptable for the more modest to wear a pair of bell-bottomed shorts.

Of course, the Eton receiver pictured was not invented until several decades after this event. The actual receiver that was being used at the time is not known, and Andy was not a DXer and had difficulty keeping straight which receivers were available when. In fact, some art critics have noted that Eton receivers were not available until several years after Andy Warhol's death. Thus, this painting is regarded as one of the best examples of Andy Warhol's visionary genius.

The cans of tomato soup actually are accurate, as this was the primary sustenance at this first DXpedition. Among the Archangel Marconi's advisements on this wondrous day was that beanie-weenies would be the sacred food of DXpeditions from this point on. The lion pictured is a metaphor for the difficulty DXers of the period had in QSLing Bolivian radio stations.