The Book of Revelation

And Glenn said unto the faithful, I shall send unto you a sign of the end times. That sign shalt be a woman with a lot of children appearing at the Sacred DX Cabin. And a man shall make a long journey from Detroit, and come looking for the woman with a lot of children, and request comfort in the Sacred DX Cabin. And it came to pass, and it was truly weird.

And lo, the Anti-Glenn descended upon the Earth, and He looked about. Then he sayeth unto himself, Holy Shi'ite, there's waaaaay too much Bible thumping going on here. So he smote WYFR; he deliveredeth Brother Stair unto the Vice Squad, and he maketh Brother Jacob O. Meyer lie down in the Pool of Cess. And there was much rejoicing, and belching and farting.

The Anti-Glenn searchethed, and searchethed, but could not find the Lord's Ranch; so the He cast a spell upon the land. And all the children began repeating everything they heard. And it was monotonous.

Then He came upon Dr. Gene, and He was confused. He sayeth unto himself, I thought the dude was dead, but he's everywhere!