The Song of Cumbre

Thine logs read liketh the song of the nightengale, as expressed by Dave of Valko. Praythee, please reporteth thine language heard though, for we may all be enlightened.

If thy wishes to remove thyself from the tribe of Cumbre, praythee useth the web site and lasheth out not for all to read.

Learn to turneth off thine html, lest the bulletin be befilled with Babelishments.

Reporteth not Radio Nacional Sahuari every fornicating day, lest the faithful tireth of thine offerings.

Bloweth not thine own horn, for we care not what local FM doeth in India or Australia. Thine heart beith in the right place, but stoweth it.

Offer up not thine long and medium undulations, for we care only for thine shorts.

Do unto der Hans as it has been written, lest the rath come down upon thee.