The 1989 edition of BLANDX was put together using Apple IIe computers in the computer labs at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where I was finishing up my M.A. degree. In mid-June I was graduating and moving to Michigan to start a new job. Since I don't like doing things at the last minute, I had all my coursework and papers finished and turned-in five weeks before graduation. So, while my classmates were sweating it out to get everything done in time during those last few weeks, I was doing BLANDX and playing computer games. Yes, I was a real jerk.

I was pleased to finally get an interesting front cover. Needless to say, someone else designed it. DXer's Quorum took on a really professional appearance as it was put together by Roland Archer - who did the equivalent column in NASWA's FRENDX at that time period.

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