DX Humor: A Tradition of Bad Jokes

There is a long rich tradition of humor in DXing, and we here at BLANDX are proud to be a part of it. (Making bad and frequently tasteless jokes is one of the few things we are proficient at.)

BLANDX - The Dead Tree Editions

BLANDX #1 - The Original 1981 Edition
BLANDX #2 - The 1987 Edition
BLANDX #3 - The 1988 Edition
BLANDX #4 - The 1989 Edition
BLANDX #5 - The 1990 Edition
BLANDX #6 - The 1991 Edition
BLANDX #7 - The 1992 Edition
BLANDX #8 - The 1994 Edition

Miscellanous DX Humor

Fun Tuning A short newsletter put out not long after the original 1981 BLANDX.

Famous DXer Trading Cards

The Silly Dili Headband(A Guy Atkins original)
Winterfest 1991 Letter #1 (anonymous source)
Winterfest 1991 Letter #2 (anonymous source)
Scarfman Publications (anonymous source)

BLANDX Order - one of the more interesting orders for the old print edition