In April, 1992 I moved to Davenport Iowa for a job at Teikyo Marycrest University. I no longer had access to desktop publishing software, so this edition was put together using a DOS version of WordPerfect. Harold Frodge's glossary and the CQ Lab review in Technical Stuff are BLANDX classics.

While the quality and the orders for this issue were still high, the inside back cover indicates the problem BLANDX was facing. Contributions were down and I created much of this edition. The plea for contributions was serious. In 1993 there simply wasn't near enough material for another BLANDX. Some contributions had come in, but I was burned out from it and hadn't written much myself. A short newsletter BLANDX did come out that summer, but it was only distributed privately to a few friends and all the material in it was saved for inclusion in the 1994 BLANDX.

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