Editor: Don Badger

The Texas United Radio DXers recently held their first annual convention of the year in Edith, Texas. Previously the TURDs have held two annual conventions each year. It was decided that beginning next year there would be three annual conventions each year. In this picture, several prominent TURDs are burning photocopies of their Ecos del Torbes QSLs to protest the policies of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. A few members even threw in photocopies of their Ecos del Torbes pennants.

The club has again lowered the price on their "Proud to Be a TURD" T-shirts. Apparently, they're not selling real well, outside of certain parts of Texas.

The North Central Ohio DX Club and Prostate Support Group continues meeting on the first Saturday of the month at 1 p.m. in the back room of the mini-mart at the corner of Main and Pine in Jelloway, OH. At the next meeting Sam Lutton will discuss how prostate surgery has affected his DXing.

The Dxers Association of Dyslexic (XADD) will hold their next convention in Forks Dakota, Grand North.

Bubba Ross of the South Georgia DXer's Association writes that an important policy of their club is that "a clean receiver is a happy receiver", therefore they have declared that the second Saturday of every month is "Polish Your Knobs" day. Members are encouraged to bring a favorite receiver to the club meeting, at the east picnic shelter in the city park. The members spend the afternoon talking DX and polishing their knobs. Several more senior members, who are more proficient at knob polishing, even give instructions to the less experienced members. Bubba suggests that all DX clubs should hold a monthly "Polish Your Knobs" day. That's not a bad idea, Bubba. Maybe your club could post a video on YouTube to show the rest of us just how you do this.

From Ontario, Ryan Finelli sends this report (and photo!) from the recent DX Camp held by the Ontario DX Association (ODXA).

This year's DX Camp was another success with over three dozen DXers attending. The highlight, as usual, was provided by the Dosquet sisters, Marie and Michelle, of Mont Joli, Quebec who got into this altercation over who got the last antenna port on the club multi-coupler. Fortunately, calmer heads soon prevailed, and the girls finished the disagreement with a pillow fight (Marie won). This year's incident was nothing like last year when they got into a disagreement about whether a particular unidentified station was broadcasting in Bulgarian or Serbian. We were having unseasonably warm and rainy weather last year, and their wrestling match soon tumbled out the open door and into the mud. The struggle continued outside for about another forty-five minutes before Michelle prevailed. Unfortunately, I had bet five bucks on Marie.

Ryan, how about next time bet ten dollars on Michelle for me, OK?

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