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Bill Clinton: Four girls! You know, this DXing stuff sounds like it would be a great hobby for an ex-president - oh, aaahh - Don't tell Hilary that I said that, OK?

Hillary Clinton: It is crucial to consider the effect that radio has on the taxpayers, vis-a-vis the issue of what the American public needs to stay informed and provide a conduit for government to better understand the needs of the people. I'd hope I can count on the support of girls everywhere to insure we continue to move in a positive direction. (What do the polls say about it?) ... Psssst ... Bill .... I thought you agreed to keep this stuff out of print....

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Four girls and a radio? Been there. Done that. At least three times.

Britney Spears: You know these radio things are kind of complicated. I mean, like, what's a volume knob? Huh?

Donald Rumsfeld: Yes, that would have been the perfect size invasion force for Iraq.

Dick Cheney: I know absolutely nothing about why the Pentagon paid Haliburton $1,295 each for ten thousand pocket transistors that cost five dollars at discount stores.

Paris Hilton: Huh? Did I screw four girls? Or was it a radio? I don't know. I'm stupid.

Nancy Pelosi: This sounds like a typical San Francisco household ... Oh ... it says radio. I thought it said dildo.

Tony Snow: Now you reporters know that there is no radio and there are no girls. That is just journalistic spin.

Mel Gibson: It's all the Jews fault that the girls have to share one radio between them!

Louis Farakhan: You see, the white man made the radios to perpetuate white supremacy in the form of WWCR.

Amish farmer Levi Yoder: What's a radio?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Let girls have a radio? Blasphemy!

Rosie O'Donnell: Four girls? Who cares about the radio?

Wolf Blitzer: Not funny.

Rush Limbaugh: Four? That's one more than the number of wives I've had. As you can tell, I have a lot of experience with family values. And other substances. By the way, do you know that Al Gore said he invented the radio?

Al Gore: Now, Rush, that's another out-of-context quotation. I did invent a couple of girls, though. Well, Tipper helped a little.

Former US Rep Mark Foley: You know, if you rewrote the book to be four teenage boys, I have some friends in D.C. who would buy a copy.

Howard Dean: They need more radios. We'll get them a Hallicrafters! and a Hammurland! a Drake! Eddystone! TenTech! Collins! Philco! Lafayette! Heathkit! Zenith! Atwater Kent! JRC! Kenwood! Sony! Sangean! Grundig! Uniden! Barlow-Wadley! Yaesu! Tupperware! Tabasco Sauce! Aaaaeee!