A DX Glossary

Aerialstrangulation (noun); Catching oneself on an antenna or lead-in.

Altapredictafadification (noun); The predictable fading of weak stations at the top of the hour.

Assapainification (noun); An affliction caused by DXing for 4 or more hours.

Automatopoeia (noun); The sounds made by Car Talk callers trying to reproduce noises their cars make.

Capacitance (noun); The amount your bladder will hold while DXing.

Chatenuator (noun); The person who tells the one whose always talking during DX sessions to "Shut Up!"

Dahditerference (noun); Those pesky beacons when trying to listen to LWBC stations.

Depeche Mode (noun); Obsolete transmission mode for annoying rock music.

Dethronification (noun); A rare phenomena wherein a DXer is quietly doing his thing, and his chair suddenly explodes. It's one of the more exciting things that can happen at a DXpedition. Related to Exsagification.

Dially Parton (noun); The largest knob on your radio.

Disaerialation (noun); The sharp dropoff in signal strength due to your antenna becoming disconnected.

DXhaling (noun); What you do after holding your breath for 3 minutes at the top of the hour hoping to ID that weak station.

Exsagification (noun); The relatively common phenomena wherein a DXers aluminum lawn chair slowly collapses, trappping the DXer in a semi-fetal position. Related to dethronification.

Fadenapper (noun); A person who nods off while DXing.

Finger Mortis (noun); Digital stiffness accompanyiing excessive dial twisting and button pushing.

Folgerized (adj.); The condition of your log book after spilling coffee on it.

Frankenceiver (noun); A radio composed of parts from many different radios (related to the frankenputer).

Geneology (noun); Dr. Gene's philosophical waxings.

Grayline Disorder (noun); A psychiatric disorder that causes people to listen to India on the radio, eat mysterious pork products, and BS constantly. It is found more often in men than women, altho' the latter have been known to suffer intensely from it. It is unknown if such women have gender identity problems. Both male and female victims have been mistaken for lawyers, Canadians, terrorists, communists, libertarians, politicians, engineers and whatever else, except ballet dancers. There is no known cure for this sorry disease.

Illumigonging (noun); Bumping one's head into a lantern at a DXpedition.

Imagineering (noun); Synonym for list logging.

Knobulated (adj); Adding accessories to an expensive receiver, so that you'll have more buttons to push and dials to twist.

Knobfuscation (noun); Confusion as to which dial to turn or button to push to improve reception.

Phonication (noun); The act of plugging in your head phones.

Phonus Interruptus (noun); What occurs when you slide your chair away from your receiver and the headphone cord has become entangled in the chair, and you get hit in a sensitive spot with the sling-shotting banana plug.

Repestation (noun); Reporting the same stations over, and over, and over...

Schizocopiosis (noun); Confused state of mind developed while trying to copy one station under another one.

Statictician (noun); A person who enters hearing any odd sound in his logbook, or a person who can copy ARQTOR without a decoder.

Texas Holdem (noun); What Lone Star DXers with full bladders do while Tristan da Cunha is on.