Editor: Dillon Hollister

4780 MALI Rdif Mali via Tula 2150 - 2207 w/ guy talking in French, African mx. I guess this has to be tentative, since these guys don't have streaming audio on the Internet. How in the world am I supposed to ID them if I can't get a parallel to streaming audio? (Douglas)

4934 KENYA VoKenya 0415 w/ pgm "Animal Dung of Kenya" w/ naturalist Ben Afune. The program aims to help people identify types of animal dung found in Kenya so they know which ones to avoid stepping in. (Hastings)

5735 USA WHVN 0215 English w/ Preacher raving about the evils of foot odor. Says we should all annoint our feet with olive oil just like Jesus in the Bible. What's good enough for Jesus should be good enough for us. (Rumbley) I wonder if Jesus used extra virgin olive oil? - ed.

5960 CANADA RCI 0110-0120 English w/ talk about something called It's Saki Night in Canada. You know, this globalization stuff is getting out of hand. If Canadians now have a special night to drink Japanese liquor, how soon until they stop making good Canadian whiskey? Or will, the Brazilians will start making Canadian whiskey? (Rumbley MD)

9700 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria 0210-0225 w/ program on the benefits of drinking Bulgarian beer, especially Boza Ale. Just don't give any to your dog. It won't be pretty. (Lentejas)

9730 EAST GERMANY Radio Berlin International 0100-0130 English w/ nx and then report of recent discussions between Erich Honecker and Leonid Breshnev (Stephens NH) In the future, please try to send loggings that are no more than five years old. - ed.

9740 CHINA China Radio International 0220 English w/ program on the currrent Coca-Cola Year of the Boar. They said that next year will be the FedEx Year of the Dog. (Finelli) At my house we're in the year of the cockroach. They ate my Chihuahua. (ed)

9980 NORTH KOREA Radio Pyongyang 1115-1118 English w/ program on "The Peoples' Valiant Struggle To Eliminate Foot Odor". The program was so riveting, I couldn't help listening for an entire three minutes. (Lentejas) So, you didn't stick around long enough to send a reception report and get the special "Scratch 'n' Sniff" QSL, huh? - ed

10010 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam *1000 s/on w/ Ho Chi Minh Polka. Nx, then cooking program with recipes for traditional Vietnamese style tacos. (Badger WI) Isn't internationalization wonderful! (ed)

15084 IRAN VOIRI Fanatical mullah talking about how people who don't believe in his brand of radical Islam are destined to burn in Hell forever, but true believers will spend eternity in paradise. These guys are so full of hatred, they are sickening. (Blakely AL)

15095 USA WGHY My favorite program with Rev. Bobby Coleman talking about how those who haven't accepted Jesus are destined to burn in Hell forever, but those who have will spend eternity in paradise. I've been saved, and I find this message of hope very comforting and inspiring. (Blakely AL)

15345 KMNO Minot, North Dakota via Irkutsk 0015-0046 w/ farm nx, local ads, country mx, and ID. Believe this is the first MW station in North Dakota in outsource to Russian transmitters. (Badger) Yes, in an interview on World of Jammers, the station manager said they are saving a sesqui-thousand dollars per month by shutting down the local transmitter and outsourcing. (ed)

17820 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA via Julich 1745-1815 English w/ man talking about new government progrm to eliminate foot odor in five years. Anyone with foot odor will have their feet cut off. Should be 100% effective. (Badger) Let's hope they don't decide to eliminate bad hair days! - ed