Member Profiles

Editor: Clay Hastings

This month we're going to profile our youngest member, Colin Willis, who is just six months old - which is also how long he has been a member of BLANDX. Colin DXes on a Sony portable because it fits easily in his crib and runs off batteries. His mother won't let him have an AC radio in fear that he might try chewing on the cord and electrocute himself. So far, Colin has heard 43 countries (which puts him above about 90% of our members), but hasn't QSLed any since he hasn't learned to write yet.
Colin says DXing is difficult at his age because he hasn't gotten full control over his motor skills yet. With his arms and legs waving about, sometimes a limb will bump against the tuning controls and mistune the radio, or, worse yet, hit the power switch and turn it off. Also,he's spit up sour milk on the Sony a couple of times, so it doesn't smell all that nice. Still, he has been able to get more DXing time in since switching over to a bottle. It was impossible to DX while he was being breast fed. Nevertheless, he says he has fond memories of being breast fed and hopes to try it again sometime when he's older.

Colin's daddy, Larry, is an engineer for the Bleene Radio Corporation, and Colin was indirectly responsible for one of Bleene's newest DX products. One evening two months ago, Colin and Larry were DXing together and each drunk a few bottles of their favorite beverages (Grade A Homogenized for Colin and Guinness for Larry). Just before the top of the hour, when the station they were listening to was going to ID, they each had to answer the call of nature. Larry had to dash off to the restroom, but Colin was able to continue DXing while taking care of business. Larry saw how Colin's attire gave him a natural advantage at DXing, which gave Larry the idea for DXAbles, Bleene's new adult diapers for DXers. When Larry brought this up at the next staff meeting, the executives at Bleene immediately saw the potential for this product. And, Larry got a promotion and a nice raise!

Colin says he is looking forward to going on his first DXpedition next month. He expects to do his part at keeping the other attendees up all night DXing.

Welcome to DXing, Colin! By the way, I think Bleene should donate a few cases of DXAbles to you. I'm sure you could use them. - Clay.