Technical Stuff

Editor: Christina Van Helder

The Dracosonic AC001 Audio Catchers

This new product from Dracosonic is designed especially for those of you that like the full sound of a large speaker, but also want to block out those annoying background sounds, like the spouse and kids. Just slip these over your ears and tune away! The specially designed ear-cups enhance sound from the direction you are facing, so as long as you are looking at your radio, it's going to take some serious shouting for anyone else to get your attention. Not recommended for DXers whose wives are prone to violence. List price $19.95. Order from your favorite DX vendor.

The Spiral Signal Snatcher

If you're looking for a way to squeeze a long antenna in a short yard, the new Spiral Signal Snatcher from J&J Welding and DX Supplies is for you. Made of 100% steel pipe, the Spiral Signal Snatcher is available in 6 meter lengths (over 24 meters of signal-catching pipe!). Multiple lengths can be connected together to get the size that's right for you. I never thought I could fit a full wavelength 120 meter antenna in my backyard, before I got the Spiral Signal Snatcher. While the antenna works best mounted at heights of at least 15 meters, it can perform adequately at much lower heights. $199.99 per 6 meter length. As this product can not legally be shipped, please pick up in person from J&J Welding and DX Supplies, 1734 East Timor Avenue, Oblong, Illinois.