I was listening to local FM station 95 Polka FM and the announcer said Don't touch that dial! I've been only listening to this station for over two months now. Would someone PLEASE give me permission to change stations? - Getting Tired of Polka

Does VOA suffer from BBC envy? - Nigel

why is BLANDX carying somthing like the radio family? Its by some ilegal imigrant named edurdo lenjeas or somthing like that. im a red white and blue american and i think we shold show these ilegal imigrants the way home. BLANDX shold be inglish only. we dont need no people with names like lejneas or whatever in the united states. - proud patriot

-- Mr. Proud Patriot, My name is Eduardo Lentejas and it is I to whom you refer. I am an illegal immigrant, but I've never been to the United States. I live in Belize where I manage a gourmet restaurant at a resort hotel. I have no interest in working in the USA. - Eduardo Lentejas

-- what? isnt the usa good enuf for you? cant please you ilegals. tell you what. my brother has a truck stop he always needs dishwashers. you come up here and i get you a job with him. - proud patriot

My mother won't let me sign-up for Hard-Core-DX since I'm only 9. Is there a Soft-Core-DX mailing list? - Junior

I like to listen in both upper and lower sideband. Is it possible that I am biDXual? - Two Way Ray

I think BLANDX should be English only! I'm tired of seeing foreign words and phrases like Deutsche Welle and La Voz de Tu Conciencia and Nigel. - Hoosier DXer

You used to kill trees to publish this stuff? - Al Gore

I don't understand all of these time stations. I mean, people spend thousands of dollars on a radio and they can't afford a clock? I also don't understand this talk about digital radios. How could you tune a radio without digits? Even if my fingers were missing, I could still use my toes.- Clock Owner

-- You're not the sharpest ground rod in the box, are you? - taco joe

-- Every radio I've ever owned had digits on it. Even my first Atwater Kent had numbers on the dial. - old timer