Editor: Dillon Hollister

4820 BOTSWANA Radio Botswana 0430-0450 w/ Cooking Program 27 Ways to Prepare Meal Worms. (Mann)

5015 PERU Radio Altura 0127-0145 w/ man talking until interrupted by woman. (Dernoff) - So, what else is new? (ed)

5030 BURKINA FASO RDTV Burkina 2134-2200 w/ program of local music. Fortunately, this is very undermodulated, which makes listening to the music that much more pleasant. (Morgan)

5060 CHINA PBS Xinjiang 1330-1347 Woman talking in Chinese, dog barking, then whimpering. Cooking program? (Mann)

5995 MALI Rdif Malienne 2200 w/ nx that the Malian Brown Party had elected a new leader. That's what the Green Party is called in the Sahara desert. (Humboldt)

6090 ANGUILLA The University Network 2310-2345 w/ Reverend Barbi promising to heal the body part of your choice with her gentle touch. (Finelli)

6115 BELARUS Belaruskaje Radyjo 0205-0225 with talk by two men. Or maybe it was just one man with schizophrenia. (Humboldt) Or, it might have been two pairs of twins. It's always hard to tell twins apart when they are speaking. (ed)

6175 ANTIGUA BBC 0215-0230 Eng Sporting News program w/ live reports from the Scottish Hurling Championships. (Kyle) Wow! They must really take their drinking seriously there! (ed)

6955 PERU Radio del Mar Caspiano Believe this a new station, heard at 0035 - 0140 with Andean music and what are clearly falafel recipes. ID seems to be Radio del Mar Caspiano. Perhaps founded by immigrants from Azerbaidzhan? (Dan Muir) Thanks for clearing that up. Several other reporters claimed they were hearing linguine recipes on this frequency. (ed)

7250 RUSSIA Vo Russia 0130-0145 w/ cooking program Recipes From the KBG Archives. I think I'm going to make one of these for my mother-in-law. (Dernoff)

8901 UNIDENTIFIED 2144-2146 Man saying something about Whiskey Lima Oscar. Why would anyone want to mix whiskey and lima beans? But then, everyone I've ever known named Oscar has been a bit odd. (Finelli) My grandmother was named Oscar (ed)

9715 FIJI Fiji Broadcasting Commission 0815-0845 with pop mx, talk in unknown language. Presumed. (Sure, I know they've been off shortwave for almost 40 years. But I can still presume it's them, can't I?) (Candaro)

9745 CAMEROONS Radio Yaounde 2155-2200 w/ end of nx and then typical African style time pips generated by a traditional Cameroonian cesium clock. (Cedoux) Those don't keep time very well. My cousin was in the Peace Corps over there and brought me one back for Christmas. It is cool, though, how your hands glow in the dark after handling it. (ed)

9805 USA VOA 1915-1930 w/ Program about National Garlic-Flavored Corn Flakes Day. It just happens to fall on the same day as National Urological Examination Day this year. (Badger)

9855 GREECE Voice of Greece 2310-2325 English w/ program on the history of the Archimedes Screw. (Badger) Wow! I didn't know they broadcast porn. I'll have to listen more often. (ed)

9910 INDIA All India Radio 2145-2215 w/ baseball game. The home team Bengal Tigers vs the visiting Burmese Pythons. After falling behind by four runs in the sixth inning, it really looked like the Tigers would come roaring back, but the Pythons choked them off in the end. (Humboldt)

11565 CLANDESTINE Voice of the Pre-Revolution w/ program Music to Be Liberated By. Mostly Wayne Newton songs. Maybe program should be named Music to Be Liberated From. (Hollister)

11750 SAO TOME VOA 1910-1930 w/ VOA Magazine program. Item on the popular new Mexican Water Diet. (Dernoff)

11760 CUBA Radio Havana 0515-0545 w/ pgm of Cuban mx. Featured the Camaguey Childrens' Chorus singing What A Friend We Have in Hugo. Really brought tears to my eyes. (Hollister)

11855 USA KTBN Trinity Broadcasting Network 2130-2145 English broadcasting the sound track from animated cartoons showing on their TV network. Announcer said that the Lord would deliver the video images to the minds of the radio listeners. (Cedoux) I usually get video to my shortwave listening by taking some little green pills I buy via mail order from Senegal. Damn straight of the Lord to deliver those. (ed)

15230 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran 1310-1325 New English time slot noted with program Achmed's Top Ten Infidel Rap Music Countdown. It's really cool how after playing each song, Achmed smashes the CD and praises Allah. (Candaro)

15400 ASCENSION BBC 1500-1510 BBC nx, including item about the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his close work with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. (Carbonneau) Really nice of the Brits to have someone helping our politicians like this! (ed)

15450 UNIDENTIFIED 1450-1730 Unknown station here with non-stop studio-quality buzzing sounds. (Badger)

17890 PHILLIPINES VOA 0105-0130 carrying speech by President G. W. Bush. I am very confused. Is the English grammar I learned in school all wrong? (Shinichi Wakita, Japan)

21475 USA WYFR Family Radio 1735-1755 Chinese w/ with lessons in American-style family English for Japanese speakers. Really useful phrases like Stop that you little bastards, Not tonight, I've got a headache, I got my tongue pierced today, and I am not having an affair with your sister. It's your brother. (Badger) Hey, Shinichi. Maybe you should listen to these guys! (ed)