Editor: Ryan Finelli


Fig Leaf Radio's progamming may not be that good, but what a QSL! (Johnny Santos)

The Crystal Ship - Despite its name, The Crystal Ship is no Waterford. They take their inspiration from some cheap glassware they bought at KMart. It's really tacky. (Boris Barrios)

Wolverine Radio(non) - Recent reports of a pirate named Wolverine Radio are inaccurate. The station's real name is Listerine Radio - and for good reason. Don't get too close to the speaker when you listen to these guys. Phew! (Christina Van Helder)

Radio For the Uncommon Man now says that reception reports must include a detailed resume and at least three current references. They are getting very picky about only QSLing the right sort of DXer. (Candaro)


6240 PIRATE Neutered Bullfrog Radio 0125-0145* Mx by Three Dog Night. Ancr voice rather squeeky, not the usual voice we used to hear on Bullfrog Radio. Brief dead air a few times while he caught and ate a fly or two. (Candaro)

6240 PIRATE Radio Havana Illinois 2245-2305 w/ program of Mid-Western recipes, e.g. Minnesota Fried Jello Hot Dish.(Morgan) I had that once at Bill Kyle's place. Not bad with soy sauce on it. (ed)

6923 WIMP 0215-0237* In weakly w/ old Barry Manilow tunes, chit-chat with ancr's girlfriend. At 0230, Ironman Radio began transmitting heavy metal on 6927, splattering lots of noise onto WIMP's signal. After several heavy sighs, WIMP turned off transmitter at 0237. (Mann)

6927 Ironman Radio *0230-0311* Heavy metal mx, cussing, and lewd jokes. At 0307, WIMP's girlfriend showed up and a few minutes later Iron Man suddenly turned off the transmitter. (Morgan)

6957 Snow Blower Radio 2237-2305* Was expecting to hear Lawn Mower Radio but heard this instead. Maybe something to do with the blizzard that went through northern New England last night? (Morgan)

6959 CheeseCutter Radio *0032-0034 I had heard that Radio For the Uncommon Man was supposed to broadcast, but this station came on instead and I immediately had to leave for another frequency. I can never stick around with this one long enough to get a QSL. (Mann) I was fortunate enough to log them a few months ago when I had a bad head cold. (ed)

6959 Unidentified 1550-1750 Someone here with non-stop Elvis songs. (Candaro) Could be Daughters of the American Revolution Poker Radio. They've been known to use that format.(ed)


Honduran Pirate Log Verifier, Lucy Sonido
African Pirate Log Verifier, Maurice Tania
Dutch Pirate Log Verifier, Fingar N. DeDycke
German Pirate Log Verifier, Don Kashane
Australian Pirate Log Verifier, Barbie Schrimp
Cuban Pirate Log Verifier, Marty Jammer
Philippine Pirate Log Verifier, Imelda Shoefetish
Brasillian Pirate Log Verifier, Amy Zonas
Italian Pirate Log Verifier, Pisa Onyue
Ethiopian Pirate Log Verifier, Hailie Unliklie
Guatemalan Pirate Log Verifier, Benny Nuevas
Indian Pirate Log Verifier, Mahatan Macoat
Japanese Pirate Log Verifier, Nicky Hosai
Indonesian Pirate Log Verifiers, Sue Matra & Irene Jaya
Malaysian Pirate Log Verifier, Sarah Wak
Peruvian Pirate Log Verifier, Andy Huaylas
Hungarian Pirate Log Verifier, Bud Apeste
Greek Pirate Log Verifier, Kryptos Undecypheros
Israeli Pirate Log Verifier Harvey & Sheila
Canadian Pirate Verifier, Yukon B. Serious
Mexican Pirate Log Verifier, Taco Belgasse