Editor: Ray Framus

COLOMBIA Radio Nariz de Cali 4745 Nice English letter from v/s Juan Pando who writes Thank you for your rather imaginative reception report. Actually, we have not broadcast on shortwave for over twenty years. Nevertheless, we are pleased to know you enjoy listening to our broadcasts via the effects of using certain agricultural products of our country. Please continue to buy Colombian. A small free sample is enclosed. As he clearly notes that I listen to their broadcasts, I can count this as a QSL, right? (Santos) Fine by me, as long as you send me that sample he mentioned (Ray)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA Radio Malabo 6250 F/d Our Dictator's New Dentures card in 324 days. He already had a piece of spinach stuck between the incisors. (Humboldt) Gross! (Ray)

GREECE Voice of Greece 6340 F/d sweat-stained National Fresh Celery Month card in 14 weeks. V/s Dimitri Lollipopolous says air conditioning has been down all week. Nice musky scent to the card. (Van Helder)

KENYA Radio Kenya 4934 P/d scratch 'n' sniff Elephant Dung card. This number 3 in 10 in the Animal Dung series. (Badger) I have them all. My favorite is number 6, the wildebeast. The smell reminds me of my ex-wife's cooking. (Ray)

LESOTHO Radio Lesotho 4800 F/d Our National Internet EMail Scam Team in 67d for English report and my neighbor's bank account number (Van Helder) Their team is really good. At the World Championships in Lagos last year they placed third, after host country Nigeria and Ghana. The Lesotho team collected over 73 bank account numbers and $250,000 during the seven day contest period. (Ray)

MONACO Trans World Radio 9845 F/d Our Favorite Casinos card in 6 weeks along with a bar of soap and bottle of mouthwash. Guess I better clean up the language I use in my reception reports! (Candaro) Yeah, I have the same problem. Some bastard at AWR even reported me to my local police. (Ray)

SYRIA Radio Damascus 12095 P/d Grape Juice - Things Not To Put In Pita Bread card in 4387 hours. The card had tomato stains on it. I think the secretary does QSLing over lunch. (Kyle)

THAILAND Radio Thailand 11910 F/d cd and cute Buddha Pez dispenser - the candy pops out of his belly. (Van Helder) Better than the Paris Hilton one my grandson gave me. Guess where the candy pops out of that one? (Ray)

USA Radio Marti 6030 F/d Waiting For Fidel To Croak cd in 16 days for English rpt. Also rcv'd several "ban Fidel" buttons and a Fidel photo dart board. (Mann) You didn't get the roll of toilet paper with a picture of Hugo Chavez on every sheet? (Ray)
WJCR 7550 F/d Beating a Dead Horse card in 3 weeks. This is part of the new "Kentucky Derby" series. (Humboldt)
KGOD Voice of Why You Are Damned 17675 F/d Exodus 20:10 Do not work on the Sabbath card. This #57 in series of 613 of Biblical Commandments and Abominations QSL cards. (Cedoux) We take that one very seriously at my house. In fact, my wife doesn't even cook on Sunday. Instead, we have lunch in a restaurant after church. (Ray)


Roger Reed of Paris, MI says he can't understand how people send reception reports via e-mail. How do you enclose IRCs, he asks. Well, Roger, I use my scanner and make a jpg image of the front and the back and attach those to the e-mail message. It seems to work well with Africans. At least, I have been getting a lot of e-mails from Nigeria recently. Also, Roger, there are many advantages to E-QSLs. For example, my financial advisor, Robb Banks, says that he prefers electronic QSLs since he doesn't have to wear latex gloves to handle them.

For those of you who don't yet know how to send reception reports via e-mail, the main thing to remember is that the subject of your e-mail should always include your shoe size - unless you are a woman, in which case your brassiere size may be more likely to bring a reply. If you're a man and have a brassiere size, well, we won't go there today (although I understand the v/s at Radio Senegal is collecting those sorts of pictures.)

Sally Logan writes that in commemoration of the 2000th edition of Sven Gonzalez's World Of Jammed Radio Stations program, rival DX program DXing With Tortillas will be issuing a special QSL for the Chinese Year of the Bore. Sally, do they have a corporate sponsor yet?

Carson Humboldt writes that RTV Malagasy recently announced that from now on, their QSLs are only available via their drive-up window. I know the place. The roof's at the drive-through is too low for my Hummer and S.O.B.'s won't take walk-ups. I had to rent a Prius just to get a QSL. How embarassing!

Ed McGee asks Didn't HCJB once have a series of QSLs featuring verification signers from behind the iron curtain in their undergarments? Actually, Ed, that was a 1969 QSL that pictured several staff members standing behind an iron curtain in Studio B. The curtain was a gift from some steel workers in Johnstown, PA. They're the same ones that made the cast-iron jockstrap that the AFRTS featured on a QSL in 1973. That QSL really made the commies stand up and take notice!