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BRAZIL Radio Record is changing its name to Radio MP3, totally bypassing the CD form of audio. (Union of Exiled Ugandan DX Clubs) Actually, they were forced to find a new name after the Guinness people sued them for copyright infringement.(Dillon Hollister) Who cares? As I always say, any country whose name begins with my favorite women's undergarment can't be all bad. (sg)

CAPE VERDE ISLANDS Re last month's item about a new station here to be built by the Atlantic Missionary Bicyclists. The plans have been canceled after they realized that the Cape Verde Islands are not a good place to build a mission based on bicycling from place to place. Apparently the drownings of two of their missionary bicyclists in the Azores has given them a new perspective. If enough money can be raised, they plan to restructure their organization as the Atlantic Missionary Frogmen. (Swedish DX Commando)

CHINA An autopsy has confirmed the cause of death of DXer Joshua Gantry two weeks ago. Apparently he had just opened a new QSL from a regional Chinese broadcaster and then began biting his fingernails. The QSL was still clutched in his left hand when the body was found a few hours later. (Bulletin of Atomic Blenders #2995) The FDA has just released recommendations that QSLs from China not be placed anywhere near food and that rubber gloves should be used when handling them.(Front page story in New York Times via Dillon Hollister) Hmmm... I bet this is one QSL that Dead DXers' Stuff doesn't want. (sg)

DIEGO GARCIA It has recently been learned that this is actually the name of the owner of a nearby taco stand popular with the AFRTS staff members at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, where these broadcasts really originate. They thought it would be a good joke to name the station after him. Therefore, Diego Garcia should be removed from the official BLANDX country list. We suggest you use white-out or a heavy black marker. Don't use scissors or you will also delete Paraguay and Peru, which are the back side. (Bill Rumbley, Head Honcho for Life and the After-Life Too of the BLANDX Country List Junta) Good advice. I remember how in 1966 I also deleted four African countries from my totals when North and South Dakota and North and South Carolina were removed from the country list. I was so surprised to find out that North Dakota and North Carolina were not run by heathen Communists, but were actually part of the USA. That also explained the moral ambiguity of why VOA was broadcasting from a place named Greenville in a Communist country.(sg)

ECUADOR HCJB has dropped its Tamil language programming. Unfortunately, when it hit the floor, the programming was broken beyond repair. It will be at least six weeks before they can get a new one. (Quarterly of Jamaican Pipe Fitters via Jack Mann, who notes that it must be hard to find work as a pipe fitter, given that not many people smoke pipes anymore.) I agree, Jack. they would probably do better as cigar fitters. Come to think of it, doesn't Bill Clinton belong to that union? (sg)

ERITERIA Believe a new one here, Radio Bama on 5100. Must be honoring University of Alabama football. Go 'Bama! (Joe Swanson, AL via Sports Illustrated magazine via my dentist) I believe the real name is Radio 'Bama and it is reportedly run by supporters of the Barak Obama presidential campaign. (sg)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Wantok Radio Light is planning to open an additional station to be known as Wantok Radio Toaster. This is to be the second in a series of radio stations named after small household appliances. (Review of Idaho Potatoes)

SOUTH AFRICA Channel Africa will no longer use its distinctive interval signal of a bird chirping. Director of Programming James Mpofu explained "That #$%@# bird has crapped on the microphone one time too many! (via Society for the Reformation of DX Terminology)

USA E-mail message from WRMI: "Just want you to know that we appreciate your reception reports and would like to see more of them this year. Also, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences our anthrax-laced QSLs may have caused. That's the last time we buy envelopes via EBay." (EMail from WRMI Main Office) Anthrax-laced QSLs. Just one more reason I stopped QSLing thirty years ago -sg

USA WORG is a new environomentally-friendly fundamentalist Christian shortwave station to be built outside Onenut, CA. They claim that they will be the world's first organic radio station. It will 100 percent powered by burning organically grown wood from the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. All program scripts will be printed on recycled paper and the programs themselves will be 100% organic. (Association of California Celery Farmers) Organic as in composted manure? (sg)


CLANDESTINE The Voice of Bolivian Kurdistan has been off the air for at least three weeks due to technical difficulties. (BBCMRS) An e-mail from the Chief Engineer denies there have been any technical problems. He says that the announcers have just been too depressed to turn on the microphones. (sg)

MADAGASCAR Radio Radio Madagaskira is having a come up with a new way to spell our name contest. Entries should be something really original that conveys the true meaning of what it is to be in Madagascar. First prize is several cases of old Radio Madagaskira stationery and envelopes. (via Carson Humboldt)

MOLDOVA Radio PMS I'm not going to listen to this station anymore. I get enough of that kind of crap from the XYL. (Kyle)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio East Sepik has become disoriented and directionless and will henceforth be known simply as Radio Sepik. (League of Non-Alcoholic Australian DXers) Henceforth??? Isn't Hence-on-Forth a small town in Lincolnshire, England? (sg)

POLAND Radio Maruja has a new theme song reflecting their Polish Catholic heritage - the polka version of Ave Maria. (Speech by Barack Obama to Girl Scout Troop #562 in Bill, Wyoming)

THAILAND The Thai government has announced that following the stunning success of Bangkok Meteorological Radio in the field of Meterology, it would open a chain of scientific-field-based radio stations. Slated to open later this year are Thai Geological Radio and Thai Microbiological Radio. Naturally enough, the latter will only broadcast via microwave. (Association of DXers Without Radio)

UKOGBANI The BBC has announced that until further notice all their regular programming will be canceled. Most of the announcers are suffering from constipation and are not at all regular. (Jamaican Journal of Proctology Studies) British food can do that to you. They should order Mexican take-out. (sg)

USA Manager Joe Wilton of WHVN Heaven Radio e-mails me Anything those Polish Papists can do, we can do better. Our new theme song is the blue grass version of Amazing Grace. (sg)


ORGANIZATIONS (USA) The National Association of Short Broadcasters has revised membership requirements. Broadcasters can now be up to 5 feet 0 inches in height, instead of the previous 4 feet 10 inch limit. (Randy Newman via Jack Mann) Isn't it about time they went metric? (sg)

PUBLICATIONS - Rumors continue to grow that Passport to World Band Radio has trademarked the phrase Passport to Religious Band Radio as part of their long-term business plan. (Scandinavian Dieters' DX Review)

GREENLAND(non) Radio Liberation of Central Greenland broadcasts on FM 89.7 MHz from SENTECH transmitters in South Africa. Station spokesman Luigi Johannsen explains No one lives in central Greenland anyway, so we might as well use FM. (Bahamas Daily Whoppie Cushion via Jack Mann)

Voice of the Industrial Revolution has announced that is closing down transmitters in Manchester UK, Bremen Germany, and Cleveland USA. New transmitter sites are to open in Wenzhou and Zhengzhou, China.


CLANDESTINE The Voice of Dick Cheney's Conscience is still off the air. (DX Fortune Cookie)

ISRAEL Every day at 0900 local time, all Israeli radio stations now play the Iranian national anthem on an out-of-tune kazoo. It makes them so damned mad, notes Broadcasting Commissioner Moshe Ben-Shimon. (Review of International Time Pips)

USA WSUV is off the air. They can no longer afford their energy bills. (DX Illusionary Digest)