Your Guide to Hauserspeak and Hausereque phaseology

Conversational Hauserspeak for the unwashed masses

anapestic (I'll be damned! It's in the dictionary.)
anglicization (Is this really a word? anti-Hauserism?)
anoraks (Another Dr. Seuss character?; also a garment, which is overpulled, worn while erecting aerials at a DXpedition.)
audibilizing (Gross misuse of a football term.)
availablized (Apparent misspelling of availabilized, or perhaps, doing a favor for a blized.)
axion (action...or maybe one of God's nerve cells.)
axual, axually

bandedge (Not something you cover a booboo with.)
bandpart (Part of a band!)
Biafraland (Verbose form of "Biafra"; an anti-Hauserism?)
big filthy distorted FMy blobs (I ask you...why bother to create a wise-ass edfinition for this?)
bihour (An hour that goes both ways?)
blox (presumably blocks)
Brother Scare (A well-known South Carolina Bible thumper arrested for child thumping.)
bystanding (Sitting around, waiting for DX to appear.)

callee (A person being called...called what?)
caradio (That thing in your internal combustion conveyance for listening to KRVN.)
Caths (Catholics)
chex (A cereal from the hoary past.)
Chi music (Rhythmic vibrations from the People's Republic.)
clox (Sounds like traditional European footwear, but alas, it's just time pieces.)
collateral damage (Interference to an unintended station by a jammer.)
contax (A cold remedy?)
conterminous (Not a clue)
correxion (Something that's badly needed here!)
Czechia (Something done at hockey games in Prague?)

DCJC (DentroCuban Jamming Comand)
defacto fence beverage (A type of antenna made famous by God.)
DentroCubans (Things inside Cubans such as livers, lungs, etc.?; Cuban dentists?...inside Cuba)
DentroKorean (Spanish-speaking people in North Korea?)
descathed (w/o QRM?)
DGS (Dr. Gene Scott...who is still dead.)
direxional (two rexionals?)
DKJC (Dentro-Korean Jamming Command)

earkeep (What you do when you expect to hear a station.)
elsewhen (Some other time)
ENIDOK (Where to send money to God; not how your Aunt Enid is feeling.)
ep (episode?)

Fak2 (Fak Fak)
Fakfakians (People who run RRI Fak Fak? People who listen to RRI Fak Fak? Beings on a planet in a galaxy far, far away?)
faxion (A very small group of people who spell like this)
flash crash (Memory of a bad thing?)
flites (flights)
fluxy (Insert your own definition.)
FMania (An unnatural urge to convert all transmitters to FM)
FModulated (This could be dirty)
FMy (Like FM)
FMy blob spur (What more can be said?)
fonetix (Synonym for Hauserism)
fsminute (not a clue)
FueraCubans (Half the population of Miami?)
funxion, funxioned, funxional
FWIW (For what it's worth.)

gigakwacha (A billion kwachas)
Gospelhuxterese (A language involving a lot of yelling.)
grindjamming (What happens when you get a bone in your hamburger machine)
Gringo preacher (no explanation necessary)
Gringo-Spanish (A language heard along the U.S.-Mexican border?)

hefty filthy spurs (I doubt this refers to hard plastic projections on garbage bags; an anti-Hauserism.)
Hmusic (Hmong music)
hoary past (Anything you need a brain memory for.)
hourtop (When stations are supposed to ID.)
huxter (A person who hux?)

iceberg tips (A salad component?)
IDstring (A very good thing!; or, if a command, e.g., "That string is made of hemp.")
inaxion ("in action", as missing inaxion...good grief)
inbooming (Negative flatulence?)
inbuilt (Not outbuilt)
inplugged (What people at Dxpeditions are)
interaxion (Why people go to a DXpedition)
intersexion (Close contact between different species?)

Jo'burg (Johannesburg)
juches (An apparent reference to North Koreans.)

kix (Something found on Route 66, and probably not my favorite cereal as a yute)

Latinamericanoa (Another verbose anti-Hauserism)
linx (links...probably nothing to do with golf)
lite jamming (Jamming with less carbs)
lixe (How you feel about your fiance? Something you do with your tongue? An obscure French word? You know those French; they have a different word for everything.)
lo-fi (Opposite of Hi-fi)
lyrix (Words in a song, or a Dr. Seuss character)

macron (Long mark over a vowell...axually!)
Mad (Madagascar)
minions of J.C. (New Testament thumpers and followers.)
monologuing (A style of speaking characterized by Harold Camping...not to be confused with Harold camping.)
motorboating (Putt-Putt noise from a transmitter.)
muezzin (An Arab dude that calls people to prayer; "builds up steam for the next outburst")

NASWAns (A large white aquatic bird interested in radio)
Neanderthal music (Music played during a program about Neanderthals; often misteken for Australopithicus music; also, stupid music)
nightmiddle (Time to get up and pee?)
[non] (It's not from this place. I think we should start reporting these as [ain't].)

O'bee (Okeechobee)
offbeam (Describes many people)
offsigned (A station gone adios)
outget (What one should do now and then, and when cabin fever hits.)
outpointed (Something that happens when you get aroused?)
outro (The opposite of intro.)

Pacificans (Folks from the Pacific)
Pet-Kam (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski; not a device for capturing images of your critters.)
piratish-only (Awkward reference to a station that is...sort-of a pirate.)
PMS (Pastor Melissa Scott, ex-Barbi Bridges)
pow-wow music (Presumably native American rhythmic vibrations.)
Prots (Protestants)
pushers of silver as food (I don't see me ever getting that hungry.)

QRHam (Ham from a gay pig?)
QSL-maniax (Alternative form of QSL-whore)
Qur`aning (Something a muezzin does?)
outfaded (Presumably very similar to downfaded.)

reflexion (What God sees when he looks in a mirror.)
reverent-sounding (Sounds religious but not sure.)
robokids (Glenn borrowed this, but By's ours!)
rustic exotic music (I guess you have to hear it.)

SAH (Stupid Ass Holes? (i.e. what GH says when he reads this). Maybe, Sub-Audible Heterodyne--a dyne that appeals to the opposite sex; a heterodyne that only a dog can hear?)
Sawt al-Buzz (An Arab station for apiarists, or people with hives?)
self-inflicted hum (transmitter problem)
semicentury (A really, really long time in a semi?)
semiday (A day spent in a semi?)
semihour (An hour spent in a semi?)
sesquiyear (Exactly how does one differentiate between a sesquiyear and a semiyear?)
sevnightly (7 nites a week...which is a hepaday?)
sex (Abbreviation for the plural of 1/60th of a minute...which is six dekaseconds long; also, the most fun you can have without laughing)
shux (Something done with oysters? Quaint form of Golly Gee.)
sillyballgame (Glenn got swirleyed jocks.)
sis station (sister station)
snowflaxe (snowflakes...give me a break!)
speed of radio (About the same as the speed of light)
spelt (Having to do with the letters used in a word, and not what your kid does with his milk; also, a type of bread found in Bay City)
spoilt (Adjective describing a lot of people.)
SSBish (Sort of SSB.)
Strine (Legitimate Aussie slang term for Australia English.)

tactix (God's breath mints?)
tangoing (Apparently a dance that God thinks is popular in Romania, or a description of what happens to God's complexion when he's stays out of the sun too long.)
thot (A thing that occasionally occupies a brain)
Turx (Folks that live in Turqey? What a person with a speech impediment calls a black and white formal suit.)

UKOGBANI (A country in NW Europe whose name ignores several Isles, Duchys, Fiefdoms, etc.)
UKOGBANIans (Folks who live in that place.)
unsounds (It doesn't sound like...)
u.o.s. (Not a clue...which might axually be in the ballpark)
upacting (Something your children do frequently.)
upcatch What you do when you behindare.)
uplook (Something that listloggers do; Something you should not do when pigeons are flying overhead.)
upput (Presumably what you do with your antennas, or people who speak Hauserese.)
usward (Toward us.)

VL8 shower services (Reportedly a legit term describing how the outback services signal rains down upon the listeners. It could also be a service available for outback tourists, where you can call upon an aborigine to pee on your soiled parts.)

whack-a-mole-wise (Creative description of having to tune around frequently to listen to stations avoiding QRM. A;so, a description of how people who go to Chuckie Cheese a lot, approach problems.)
whoop-whooping (Novel expression of North Korean jamming.)
wooden frequencies (Frequencies registered but not used, or frequencies carrying stimulating programs.)
world-endish (No, not armageddon, just a far off place on the planet.)
WTFK? ("What's the frequency Ken?",

yakking (What QRHams do.)
ygroupies (God's followers)

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