Editor: Dillon Hollister

3396 ZIMBABWE ZBC 0430-0440 ID and into English nx, including the tragic news that the entire leadership of the oppostion party had been killed in three simultaneous bus crashes. (Cedoux)

4500 USA WTRK 0323-0345 This a 3x1500 harmonic of the stn in Honey Island, TX. Hrd w/ country mx, anmt for upcoming manure workshops, ID at 0342. One country song played was called Blue Moon, but it wasn't the one we sing here in Minnesota. Ours is about two guys who go riding around in a pickup truck in January and the passenger puts his posterior out the rolled-down window and gets it stuck. The third verse is very romantic. (Kyle)

4770 NIGERIA FRCN Kaduna 2230 w/ local mx and animated talk. I think it was Bugs Bunny. Thanks for the tip to Phil Candaro, who was actually right for a change (Mann)

5025 CUBA Radio Rebelde 0235 w/ salsa version of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Nice someone finally made a version that you can dance to. (Kyle)

5920 USA WBOH 0130-0200 w/ pgm Punctuation And the Bible. Today was chapter 7, Semi-Colons of Salvation - really interesting.(Cedoux) Chapter five on Angelic Apostrophes was much more spiritual.(ed)

5945 UNID 0630-0655 Unknown language with broken talk and frequent gagging noises followed by heavy breathing. More stations should do this kind of reality based programming. (Kyle)

6030 USA Radio Marti 0230 Spanish w/ commentary on how the US trade embarge is working and that Fidel Castro would be out of power any day now. (Muir) Yeah, they've been running lots of reruns from 1983 lately.(ed)

6090 MEXICO XEILL 2320-2350 in Spanish. New station from Ciudad Juarez using slogan La Voz del Trabajo, or The Voice of Work. Heard here w/ mariachi mx and help-wanted ads for California orchards. Announces that they are the Official Supplier of Illegal Immigrants for over 200 US corporations, including IBP Meat Packers and WalMart. (Humboldt) 1250-1315 Spanish w/ romantic Spanish ballads and ads for bottled water and Coyote Juan (Buy two crossings, get one free.). Nice English ID asking for reception reports. All reports will be verified with QSL cards and a packet of coupons for discounts on shrubbery-trimming, lawn-mowing, and other yard and garden work. QSLs will be hand-delivered. (Kyle)

7255 NIGERIA Vo Nigeria 0735 w/ "Foot Fungi and You" program. (Dernoff) This program is also available for download via mp3 files. They also have a great series of QSLs if you have a strong stomach. (ed)

6890 ETHIOPIA Radio Fanny 2030-2059* Talk interspersed with loud breathing (Mann) OK, Radio Fanny isn't the real name of this one, but Bill Kyle gets upset whenever I print the real name. (ed)

7923 CLANDESTINE Voice of Revolutionary Chad w/ Islamic call to prayer followed by call to post-prayer coffee. Into revolutionary ranting and what sounded like Louis Armstrong attempting to yodel with a sore throat. There was some very gentle jamming, but it only made listening slightly unpleasant. (Hastings) Yes, the Chadian government is really being very polite about the jamming. Saw an interview with the President in The New York Times. He said he had to jam the station just to show he cared, but his heart really wasn't in it. Besides, he didn't think they had many listeners anyway, given the yodeling.(ed)

8903 SENEGAL Dakar Aero calling Dakar Aero 2203 I thought it was kind of weird that one controler at Dakar Air was using the radio to call another one, but it turned out he had accidentally locked himself in the men's room. Good thing they use wireless headsets. Several pilots listening in had a good chuckle. (Collar)

9043 US Air Force Tactical Traffic 2217-2229 HAM SANDWICH calling ROAST BEEF, but no joy. CHEESECAKE came on and offered to relay HAM SANDWICH to ROAST BEEF via CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE or SIX PACK. A few moments later heard exchange between LASAGNE and COCONUT CREAM PIE. You know, it's no wonder I can't lose weight when I listen to this stuff. (Badger)

9515 ROMANIA Radio Romania 0135 w/ mailbag pgm You Wrote Us? in which ancrs make fun of the handwriting in listeners' letters. Signal was weak but usable. (Dernoff) Usable for what? Is there a reason you're not telling us? (ed)

9635 CLANDESTINE Sound of Hope via Taiwan 2239-2300* w/ usual recordings of old Bob Hope monologues. I was really hoping to hear Liechtenstein instead. Of course, I had also been drinking heavily all afternoon. (Kyle)

9770 CHINA China Radio International 0030 English with program The Wonderful World of Food Additives. This weekly program is one of my favorites. It always has an inspiring program of how a Chinese manufacturer has found new ways to improve on the nutritional value of the food China exports. Went off the air at 0055, but then came back at 0300. I don't know why. They just repeated the same thing.(Humboldt)

9820 ALBANIA Radio Tirana 2240 English w/ pgm Albania Advances On w/ talk on recent improvements in personal hygiene in the town of Pogradec. (Collar) You probably learned a few things, didn't you?(ed)

9870 NORTH KOREA Radio Pyongyang 1215 Englsih w/ YL singing about last month's paper clip production statistics. (Mann)The song about pencil production is much better. (ed)

11175 US AIR FORCE 1540 Traffic between Honolulu AFB and Thule AFB in Greenland. Honolulu gave the current weather forecast and Thule launched into a stream of words that I haven't heard since my grandmother passed away. (Hastings)

11705 ASCENSION Radio Liberation of Faso *1530-1600* in French w/ usual tirades against Burkina imperialism. (Dernoff) Aren't these the same people that want to rename Ouagadougou to O-ville? (ed)

11755 UNID 1700-1730 English program with IDs that sound like Dentist World Radio. Tooth decay is a big problem worldwide, so I think this is really a cool idea. But, there wasn't a single mention of toothpaste or cavities in the entire program. (Bradbury) Maybe there was some sort of subliminal message? Have you been brushing your teeth more since listening to this? (ed)

11900 GEORGIA Radio Tbilisi 1930-1945 English w/ nx and historical program celebrating Georgia's secession from the old Soviet Union. (Mann) 1945-2000 w/ cmty on how the territorial integrity of Georgia is sancrosanct and the Ossetians and Abkhazians have no right to secede. (Dernoff)

11915 BRAZIL Radio Novos de Passas 2210-2230 w/ Portuguese talk by man and woman. Possibly the news. On the other hand, I don't know a word of Portuguese, so he could have been trying to seduce her for all I know. Actually, that would explain the noises in the background after they started playing music at 2225. (Kyle)

15180 NIGERIA Aso Radio International ( via CIS?) 1622-1657* Usual Procotology Today program. Discusssion on flatulence was initially quite strong but gradually it faded-out. (Cedoux)

15255 USA WVGD Voice of the God Who Loves You And Will Send You To Burn In Hell 1500-1545. Usual ranting. There's nothing uplifting about this station except for the preacher's wife's brassiere. (Santos) Yeah, and I understand she didn't need to wear one of those at her previous occupation. (ed)

15633v CLANDESTINE Voice of Revolutionary Central Gambia *1630 w/out the usual machine gun noises. The announcer explained that Supreme Commander Floyd was taking a nap and they didn't want to wake him. (Candaro)

Gus Houtz of Round Rock, TX asks In the last column someone reported a station with Horn of Africa music. What kinds of horn do they use? Well, Gus, that varies from country to country. For example, Mali is known for its slide trombone, while Senegal and Ivory Coast always use the French Horn and the Alto Saxophone is the horn of choice in Nigeria. I think if you checked Wikipedia you could find a list.

Dan Muir says that the unidentified Peruvian in last month's column is named Juan Vega and not Miguel Matamoros as we had guessed.

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