Editor: Ryan Finelli


WBNY - WBNY has been around for a long time, but there is still just one Commander Bunny. We all know how quickly rabbits reproduce. I think it is safe to assume that Commander Bunny is Gay. (Dillon Hollister) Or he could eat his young. That would be cool. (Ryan)

WRPR-REAL PIRATE RADIO - According to inside source, this station is a fake. He's actually an experimental station licensed by the FCC. (Jack Mann)

Radio Cochiguaz - In honor of their Andean heritage, this South American station has renamed itself La Voz de los Comedores de Cuy, or The Voice of the Guinea Pig Eaters. All programs will now feature delicious guinea pig recipes. (Sociedade DX de Meseros Uruguayos) Filling a much needed niche since HCJB stopped broadcasting these recipes. (Ryan)

Radio Is My Friend - This relationship has really progressed over the past several weeks. Will now be known as Radio Is My Lover. (Anonymous)


1710 Lubavitcher Pirate Radio 0315-0424 w/ program of kohser Christmas mx. (Jack Mann)

6921 The CW Pirate 0212-0232 w/ stream of bad words and frequent IDS in morse code. Really fun way to practice my CW skills. Are there any RTTY pirates out there? I'd like to try out a RTTY reader. (Jack Mann)

6925 High Tea Radio 2215-2305 Heard here for the first time w/ readings of romantic poetry and chamber music, as reported by others. Not a single cuss word was said! I can't tell you how disgusted this makes me. How can we attract more young people to our hobby with this kind of tasteless garbage on the air? If I hear them again, I will immediately call the FCC. (Phil Candaro) I agree. We have to put a stop to this sort of thing before it gets out of control. (Ryan)

6925.35 Scared of My Shadow Radio 2300-2305 w/ ID and pop song. (Finelli)
6925.35 Whole Wheat Radio 2305-2310 w/ ID and pop song. (Finelli)
6925.35 Under The Table Radio 2310-2315 w/ ID and pop song. (Finelli)
6925.35 Radio Lost Borderhunter 2315-2320 w/ ID and pop song. (Finelli)
6925.35 Lost In The Woods Radio 2320-2325 w/ ID and pop song. (Finelli)
6925.35 Zinc Man Radio 2325-2330 w/ ID and pop song. These new micro-broadcasts are great! I just logged six new stations in 30 minutes and didn't even have to change frequency. What you guys really need to do is leave out the pop songs and just play the ID anmt. Then at one minute per station, I could log thirty new stations in thirty minutes without changing frequency. I bet that would be a record. (Finelli)

6955 Liquid Radio 0200-0230 w/ slurping sounds and Drano ads. Since this is a pirate station, does that mean I can now count Somalia as heard? (Dillon Hollister) Fine by me. (Ryan)