Editor: Ray Framus

CANADA CKZN Newfoundland 6160 F/d Post-It note in 27 days. Economy really hitting these guys hard. (Candaro) Yeah, I remember the old days when every QSL came with a piece of dried cod. (ed)

CHAD Rdif Tchadienne 4905 F/d QSL card in 3 months for English report & box of old canned goods. QSLing impoverished countries is a great way to get rid of leftovers! (Humboldt)

CUBA Radio Havana 6000 F/d Hot Guerilla Babes card in 4 months. Great picture of Maria with the FARC (Finelli)

ETHIOPIA Radio Ethiopia 5990 F/d Edible Insects card in 2 months. Also included some samples. Very crunchy! (Hastings)

FIJI Radio Fiji 11940 F/d You Can't Hear Us Anymore card for follow-up on 1968 report and a box of used toothpicks. V/s Father Patrick MacAroni (Collar)

INDIA All India Radio 11620 F/d Goddess Saraswati card. This part of new series of black-and-white cards that listeners are supposed to color themselves. This should be fun! (Bradbury)

INDONESIA RR Pontiank 3976 F/d QSL card, except that it was missing the date, time, and frequency that I heard them. Oh, it was also missing the station name and transmitter site, not to mention my name. Well, OK. They actually sent me a blank piece of paper. But, I'm still counting it as verified. (Candaro)

JAPAN Radio Japan 9705 F/d Okinawan-style Deep-Fried Sushi card in 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the QSL is not compatible with the pages in my QSL album. (Van Helder)

MEXICO XEILL La Voz del Trabajo 6090 F/d "Climbing the Fence" card and pennant hand-delivered by Paco Jimenez just 4 days after I e-mailed them my reception report. Good discount coupons on yard work, so I hired Paco for two days. Boy, were my neighbors impressed to see I could afford an illegal immigrant gardener. I almost felt like I lived in a gated community. (Hastings) F/d card and pennant hand-delivered by Gregorio Lopez 6 days after e-mailed report. I gave Gregorio work for three days even though I believe it is wrong to hire illegals. When he finished the work, I invited him in for some tacos and lemonade and then called the INS. I hadn't paid him yet when they took him away, so my conscience is clean. (Rumbley)

MOROCCO Radio Medi Un 9575 F/d Anchovies card, #4 of 10 in the Our Favorite Hot Dog Toppings series. Also received a pennant that appears to have been cut out of an old pair of underwear. Nice station logo on the fly, though. (Candaro)

NETHERLANDS Radio Netherlands 6160 F/d Neutering the Squirrels card in 3 weeks (Candaro) F/d Angry Squirrels card in 4 weeks (Finelli)

NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand International 9705 F/d Good Sheep card, v/s Bob Taft. (Candaro)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio East Septic 3335 F/d Ceremonial Exchange of Nose Mucus card in 77 days. (Humboldt) Isn't it great to learn about local cultures? (Ray)

This new QSL from RAI in Italy
is very educational!

RUSSIA Voice of Russia 11745 F/d QSL, #45 of 179 in the Parts of an AK-47 series. Great series for arm-chair guerillas like me! (Cedoux)
Dom Radio Yakutsk 4920 F/d Hell Didn't Freeze Over But We Sure Did! card in 37 days for English report with a well-illustrated threatening letter (Method number 17 from my book) (Framus)

SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA 11855 F/d Ban Ethanol card in 2 months for case of bottled water and a Arabic report that was translated for me by a pair of of Islamic missionaries from Qatar that are working here.(Candaro) We've got a pair of Hindu missionaries from Chennai. They've been making a lot of converts by handing out copies of the Kama Sutra. (Ray)

VANUATU Radi Vanuatu 7260 No QSL, just a letter telling me that my program details did not match their log, so they are unable to verify my report. Fortunately they also included a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates, so my feelings weren't hurt too badly. (Finelli)


Chris Anthony Mumm writes I'd like to correct that item about the new series of QSL cards from Radio Australia. It should say that the cards will feature photos of the announcers' faces, not feces. I've already sent them three reports. What a waste of postage! (Ray)