The Annual Convention of the Association of Central Oklahoma DXers (ACOD) will be held at Septemberend, 2010.

Although the official program doesn't begin until 11 a.m., attendees are expected to begin infading at 9 a.m. and most should have inboomed by 10:30 a.m. At 11 a.m., club president Ted Kirley will open the program with a welcoming big blob of extremely distorted talk. After that we will adjourn to the banquet hall for a MEGO-inducing lunch during which there will be infomericialling by sponsors.

Afternoon presentations will begin at 1 p.m. There will be at least two topics to choose from during each 50 minute session. A beepburst on the PA system on-hourtop will indicate that programs should begin. A pre-hourtop beepburst fifty minutes later will mark the end of sessions. Topics to be presented include:

Tabloidism and the Kilo-Church: Religion in the Oklahoma Heartland

Improve Your Arkansas MW QSL Totals with Fonetik in the Ozarx

Dialing by Feel with the Walterboro Wacko
(No one under 18 admitted)

A Slideshow Tour of Mixing Product Central

The Art of Pre-Logging
(Logging something that isn't on the air yet
- a concept destined to put list-loggers to shame.)

Monitoring Elexions in Turcanada Without a Newshole

Campingdroning and Tropping with Chicubans
(A great campfire activity for DXpeditions!)

Drawbax of SSB Intruders

Beginning at 7 p.m. there will outjamming to big band punk rock by the Buzzy Hets for a half-sesquihour. After a deka-sesquiminute break, everyone will upshake for the rest of the night to the acapela Andean jazz of the Multi-Deep HetBuckets with a guest appearance by the Airhead Anchorette herself.

Those who stay overnight will enjoy a breakfast of Spurchex the next morning. Those who prefer their breakfast to be spurfree will have the option of Rechex instead.

(Note: Anyone caught dumpoffing their clicker or doing a tempojump during the dance will be immediately outkeeped.)