By Bill Kyle, CEO, BLANDX

Like all mega-corporations, we here at BLANDX have been looking for ways to cut costs. I don't understand the techie side of the business, but I have to commend our Information Technolgy department for taking the lead in finding innovative ways to save money. Beginning with this issue they have decreased the font size on all our webpages by one size. This may not sound like much but they tell me we will save three cents per page-view due to the decreased use of pixels. Savings like that really add up.

Country-List Chairman Bill Rumbley wants me to remind members that in computing your countries-heard totals, loggings of fictitious countries can now be counted as 4/10ths of a country, up from 3/10ths of a country. Still in effect is the rule that fictitious countries can only be counted if the logging is published in the BLANDX loggings column and no one questions it for at least 90 days after publication.


Frazier Park of Willacoochee, GA writes that the barn he found for the first All-Georgia DXpedition didn't work out, so they will try to find a new location. Also, he wants the other guys to know that he's sorry about the fleas. You know, Frazier, if a you can't find an alternate location you could try the barn again and wear flea collars. We did that once back in the 1980s and it worked out fine. Besides, from my experience, we're all better off if what happens in the DXpedition cabin gets shooed outside the cabin.

Gus Houtz says I am more confident about my ability to QSL Brazil now that I have a new set of false teeth. This is just another example of why I find the increasing senility among the membership to be a lot of fun. Gus went on to add that he thought the old ones would make a good enclosure for a reception report.

Hugh Kingsley of Painted Post, NY writes that he has decided to get into utility DXing, but isn't finding enough DX targets. Now that I've logged and QSLed power line hum from the electric company, what else is there? Can someone tell me how to log the water company's pipes? I can't help you there, but the TV cable company might have some bad connections radiating RF that you could log. It's worth checking out.

Wes McClusky of Munster, IN asks I heard that Randy Peterson got his ham ticket. I'd like to enter the drawing, too. Where can I buy a ticket? I don't know, Wes, but I hope it works out for you. The best ticket I ever bought was that time when I went to that Tom Jones concert in Duluth back in January, 1973. Watching all the teenage girls throw their long-johns on stage was one of the most magical experiences of my life.

I was really surprised to get a message from longtime member Mabel Warner of Bushyhead, Oklahoma. Mabel writes This talk that the DX hobby is dying is rubbish. You just have to find something new to listen to. I find listening to my neighbor's baby monitor to be very educational and entertaining. Some day I may even send them a reception report. Won't that be fun!

That's the spirit, Mabel. A young couple at church had a baby a few months ago. She's in the choir with my wife, and the choir had a baby shower for her. My wife was very impressed when I not only suggested getting a baby monitor for a gift, but even said I would go out and buy it. The model I bought had enough room inside for CB transmitter, which I set to channel 27. The baby still sleeps in their bedroom. My favorite weekend listening is during their intimate moments while junior is taking his Sunday afternoon nap. It can be heard all over the county. Bill Rumbley says he's even heard it on skip down in Maryland.

DX Safety Tip: BLANDXer Dr. Philip Simpson asks me to remind you that 50% of all injuries involving DXing occur in the months January through June.


Check this issue for a collection of DX Philosophy from Jack Bradbury. I've known Jack for going on 40 years and he is the most philosophical DXer I know, even if what he says is totally incoherent at least sixty percent of the time.

Beginning with the next issue we plan to bring back the Important Filler column.

There's no Sleazy Listening column this month because editor Art Purdy sprained his wrist while listlogging. I think that's called carpal tuning syndrome.

Next month we're going to have an exclusive article by Dale Kalvo on his DXpeditions to the New Jersey State Gambling Resort Lands. He says they are a great place to DX and play the slots at the same time. Now, that's my kind of DXPedition!