By Jack Brabury

Why do they call them loop antennas if they are usually in the shape of a square? Does it just sound more hip than saying I'm building a square antenna?

And isn't a straight random wire antenna really just a flattened loop?

And shouldn't an inverted L really be called a sideways L? I have yet to see one that was upside-down.

If you fold a dipole, will it get a crease?

And, isn't half a dipole better than none?

Wouldn't it be safer for beginners if they started with tripole antennas?

How can you ground something by connecting it to a water pipe? Wouldn't that be watering it?

Wouldn't you prefer the word slinky to describe your XYL and not your antenna?

What would happen if I mounted my vertical antenna horizontally?

How big is the trombone section in a meter band?

How do DXers who live Down Under use upper side band?

Shouldn't beverage antennas come in different flavors?

Why is it that the inverted ñ antenna only works in Spanish-speaking countries?

How do Q multipliers work? Do they convert the Q's to binary first and then do the math?

Just what does spoiled Q smell like?

Why can't I buy a 0 ohm resistor anywhere?

Can Orthodox Jews get ham licenses?

Why don't unbalanced antennas fall over and break?