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500 ENGLAND Marconi Company via Poldhu, Cornwall 1815-1820 w/ S in morse code repeated several times. (Belrose, Newfoundland) Haven't seen this reported in a long time. (ed)

3396 ZIMBABWE ZBC 0315-0340 w/ lively discussion on the social value of wearing underwear. Weak signal. What kind of power do they use? (Lentejas) They claim 3,000 megawatts, but you know what kind of liars they are. (ed)

4283 PERU La Voz del Accidente 1022-1032 w/ huaynos, ID, and ads for adult diapers. I don't think I want a QSL from this one. (Muir)

4925 BOLIVIA Radio Miguel 0235-0302 Animated talking by man and woman in what I thought was a drama program. But, I sent an MP3 to Dan Muir and he says it was just Miguel and his wife having a fight in the studio. (Finelli)

5435 PERU Radio Imaginacion - I keep thinking I hear something here in the evenings, but it's never quite strong enough for me to be sure. (Badger)

5735 AUSTRALIA Society of Radio Dentists 1310-1323 Upper sideband with two-way communication between one of their radio dentists in Adelaide and a woman at a sheep ranch who needed to do a filling. The tips on drilling techniques were complicated by the fact that the only drill they had on hand was a Black and Decker. Unfortunately the signals faded out so I never did hear how the drilling went. (Hastings) This follows the success of the Radio Doctors Service. According to Swedish DX Commando, a new Society of Radio Maids has been formed to help with house-cleaning. (ed)

5835 UNIDENTIFIED 0238-0252 Long string of Hail Mary's briefly interrupted at 0246 by some loud noises followed by someone shouting Holy excrement! then back to Hail Mary. (Candaro) WEWN? (ed)

6160 NEWFOUNDLAND CKZN 1245 Literature pgm w/ review of the new Canadian diet book Anne of Lean Tables. (Hollister)

6170 EAST JAMMERSTAN Voice of Free Jammerstan *0257-0315. Sign-on with usual interval signal of psychotic donkey noises followed at 0300 by usual ID by man HEEEE YAAAH! Oooooohhh, Jammerstan! .... aahhhhh ... OOOHH OOOHH OOOHH ... ahhhh ... mmmmMMMmmm ... aahhhhhh, Jammerstannnnnn ... oooh, Jammerrrrr...stannnn ... then into light pop mx. (Badger)

6215 UNIDENTIFIED 0214-0306 Definitely something here, but way to weak to be heard over the noise coming from my kids in the next room. (Dernoff) Haven't you ever heard of Gag-A-Brat? Just $30 for a set of five at Amazon. Use the link from my personal website so that I'll get a kickback.(ed)

6925 PIRATE Unidentfied 0145-0300 Someone playing very soothing heavy metal music non-stop. (Santos)

7105 CHINA PBS Nei Menggu 1215-1245 w/ audio from Sesame Street followed by Mister Rogers at 1230. Nice of the Chinese to be relaying audio from American educational TV!(Van Helder) Yeah, but just picture one hundred million Chinese people learning to speak English like Big Bird. (ed)

7125 GUINEA ORTG 0545-0607 with instrumental mx - it was either a waterlogged violin or an out-of-tune tuba. (Kyle) Their folk music would be a lot more pleasant to listen to if they just played old Beatles songs instead. (ed)

7280 WEST JAMMERSTAN Voice of Repressed and Unfree Jammerstan 0330-0345 Presumed them w/ usual sounds of someone trying to talk through a gag. (Hollister)

7480 USA WWCR 0230-0250 Interview with Tea Party spokesman Earl Grey followed at 0245 with Vegans For Jesus program. (Mann) 0330-0400 w/ Carnivores For Jesus. Says real cause of global warming is Mexicans eating beans. (Candaro)

7200 RUSSIA Irkutsk 1125-1145 Program of slow, depressing, and poorly-played piano music. I did not like it at all. I guess you could say it wasn't grand piano music. (Van Helder)

7453v CLANDESTINE Voice of the Quiet Revolution *0525-0630* w/ usual non-stop open carrier. (Clay Hastings)

7827 UNIDENTIFIED 0147-0155* Man in English reading lists of colors in groups of four, e.g. lavender blue mauve light-gray (pause) turquoise mauve chartreuse cyan - what is this? (Finelli) Great catch! This is the rarely reported alternatve version of the numbers stations used for illiterate spies. (ed)

11550 USA WCMP 1515-1545 New US-based so-called religious station with talk about turning the other cheek, being compassionate, loving one another, helping the poor, etc. Where did they get the idea that Christianity is about that sort of stuff? They're not going to get much of an audience with that kind of attitude. (Collar)

11570 USA WBOH 1555-1618 Usual sermons about how everybody who doesn't think like us are going to go to Hell. This is more like the Sunday School I know! (Collar)

11720 USA VOA *1700 Sign-on of VOA Polish service w/ polka version of Yankee Doodle. (Bradbury)

11990 KUWAIT Radio Kuwait 1000-1300 w/ exciting non-stop step-by-step coverage of the annual Kuwaiti Desert Marathon. As usual no one made it to the finish line in the 40 degree C midday heat. At least the sponsors sold a lot of bottled water. (Carbonneau) Whenever I listen to Radio Kuwait the houseplants in my DX shack start to die. (ed)

15080 EGYPT Radio Cairo 1445-1515 Man talking but horribly distorted modulation. (Candaro). The modulation is fine. I visited Egypt last year and everyone over there sounds like that.(ed)

15405 RUSSIA Vo Russia 1635-1645 with program on hair styles in the city of Perm. (Mann)

17725 TAIWAN Radio Taiwan International 0230-0245 Malaysian broadcast with English lessons. Teaching some really useful phrases we use all the time, e.g. My sister doesn't smoke cigarettes, but she does enjoy touching large insects, and Let's play badminton with a real birdie today. (Rumbley) Wow! A lot like my high school French class but without the sexually provacative drawings on the homework assignments. (ed)


950 CFAM Altona MB May 4 0133 ELT/0533 UTC Poor signal (not quite inbooming) without any ChiCom or DentroCuban jamming on messy frequency where the Radio Reloj time pips spanx the others on 950 (including WWJ-Detroit) with "Classics Till Dawn" program hosted by male announcer. Weather read by woman and also spot for Burron Lumber in Winnipeg at break at 0142, when signal peaked for a few sex but not quite a sesquiminute. No chance of clearhearing much-needed KKFN (Denver CO) with their silly sports talk format. Last heard CFAM at Januaryend. Would also like to hear CFAM's sister station 1250-CHSM, but the frequency in Toronto is dominated by local CJYE with their gospel huxter religious programming not intended for Catholix. (Wolfish-Ontario).

5070 USA WWCR Nashville TN 2343-2401+, 9/10-Feb; The Liberating Secret w/Sylvia Pearce being excruciatingly analytical. Sed that sins are not acts but a state of being acting through the members of our bodies. (I have sinful members! Praise the Lord!) Sed that humans are nothing but simple containers. (Some containers are more inspirational than others.) WWCR spot at 2359+ into a similar pgm w/Elizabeth Porter & Will Blanchard. Right out of the chute, we get; Mankind is desparately wicked. (With sinful members, what would you expect?) S30 (Frodge-MI) I think it would be really cool if Sylvia and Elizabeth coproduced a video of themselves talking about sinful members. (ed)

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