The Pasta Page

The April 2009 QSL column featured this educational QSL from RAI in Italy which prompted an e-mail from Dario Monferini. Dario, of course, is well known as the world's foremost expert on playing while DXing. We have not learned just what he plays with, but we are sure it is all good clean fun.

We are going to include Dario's comments here just because we think it's really cool for BLANDX to be the first DX bulletin with a column on pasta. And, we've certainly devoted enough space to beans already.

Dario writes...
My preferred : Mezze Seghe alla Faiallara
and also : Stronzate Rigate alla Tagetti
Best is : Garganelli alla Gabrielli
quite rare : Spirali alla Moratti
try also pls : Garganelli alla Pompinara
a real Calabrese plate : Pippette Rigate alla Cotrocazzolo
Buon Appentito !!!!!!!!

Original wine usually they drink at FAIALLO DX NIGHTs !!!!

Thank you, Dario. Is it true that Italian YL DXers prefer penne rigate or penne lisce - but never the mini penne rigate?