By Christina Van Helder

This article was written by and for lady DXers. It has to do with women's fashion so will be of no interest to most male DXers. However, I will mention undergarments a few times, so I know all the guys will want to read the whole article.

Udon Wear is well known among the YL DXers for their small receivers that are designed to look like common fashion accessories such as broches. These are perfect when you have to attend some dreadful formal function and would rather get some radio listening in. I wear mine to faculty meetings all the time. The problem is there just haven't been any good antennas for these. Most of us use the wires in our underwire brassieres as a simple dipole but depending on your, well, circumstances, you don't have much choice as to what meter band your brassiere resonants on. (I should note that BLANDXer Dr. Philip Simpson can perform surgery that will alter the meter band your underwire brassiere dipole resonants on and increase your likliehood of getting free drinks at bars.)

The good news, ladies, is that our dependence on the traditional underwire brassiere dipole has ended. Mabel Warner of Bushyhead, Oklahoma sent me details of some exciting high-fashion DX accessories from a new company in Barbados named Coils and Curlers.

First there are these stunning (and sexy!) antenna heels. Now, despite the photo, they really need to be worn with hose (maybe black fishnets?) to hide the lead-in wire running up your leg. I ordered a pair as soon as Mabel told me about these and wore them to a wedding last weekend. I don't think I've ever heard Voice of Russia so clearly on my Udon Wear DX-88 broche before.

If heels aren't your thing, there's the Hatenna. This consists of eight different-length pieces of 18-gauge stranded copper wire and attached tiny loading coils all inside some highly flexible plastic tubing which is then covered with a layer of faux animal fur. The user can bend and flex the individual units for the best fit and best reception of their favorite stations. Just $149 plus shipping. When you're at home, the different pieces can be connected together end-to-end for a very efficient 4-meter long active antenna!

For some really serious high-fashion DXing you can't beat the form-fitting Corsettenna which provides at least +25db gain across the entire MW and SW spectrum as compared to a standard underwire brassiere dipole. Of course, these have to be special ordered and are made-to-fit for your particular measurements. Cost is $895 plus shippping. If someone gets one of these, please write a review for this column. It can be anonymous if you prefer. Hmmm... I think even the guys could order one of these.

Coils and Curlers understands that we live in a multi-cultural world. The BurkaLoop is designed to be worn under traditional headdresses used in conservative Islamic nations.

So, yes, it is possible to be fashionable and still get some quality DXing in. So, just between us girls, if you have some other great fashion-in-DXing tip, pass it along for a future article.