Editor: Boris Barrios

The radio hobby continues to change. And we need to continue to make a hefty profit by selling you these awards at two dollars each, even if they only cost ten cents to print.


Final Broadcast DXer: For receiving verifcations of 10 SWBC stations for reception on a pre-announced final day of broadcast on SW.
Final Broadcast DXpert: As above but for 25 stations in at least 20 different countries.
     If you go after this certificate, just think, you'll actually look forward to hearing that stations are closing down!

Desperate For Something To QSL DXer: For QSLing ten radio emissions that you never would have considered valid DX twenty years ago (e.g. neighbor's microwave .... your grandkids Mr. Microphone FM transmitter ... drive-in movie theaters)

Luddite DXer: For verifying ten stations by sending paper reception reports in the mail and receiving paper QSL cards/letters in return. Only receptions after January 1, 2010 count towards this award.

QSL Your Age Certificate: This requires QSLing one station for each year of your age with all loggings being within a 24 hour period. The longer you wait, the harder this one is to get.

Santa DXer: For verifying 10 stations with "Santa" in their name (e.g. Radio Santa Cruz, Radio Santa Ana, etc.)
Santa DXpert: As above but all QSLs must be for reports made on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Bamba DXer: For verifying 10 stations with "bamba" in their name (e.g. Radio Quillabamba, Radio Bambamarca)
Bamba DXpert: As above but stations must have been playing Ritchie Valens music when heard.

QSLed All Bangs: For verification of stations in Bangalore, Bangkok, and Bangor. There is also a endorsement sticker for verifying Banjarmasin.

Deceased Veri-Signer DXPert: For the confirming the deaths of 100 veri-signers in your QSL collection. Please note - all deaths must be of natural causes. We don't want to encourage any illegal acts in pursuit of this award.

Retro DXer: QSLing five non-religious SWBC stations that are not buying time on someone else's transfmitters.

Rodent DXer: QSLing all wireless mice by participants of BLANDXFest.


Mickey Mouse Perseus DXer: For simultaneous loggings of 25 Radio Disney stations.


We recently learned that the operating frequency of 134.2 kHz, has been adopted internationally for animal identification applications on low frequency (LF) RFID devices. The following new awards have been created for this exciting new DX opportunity.

Bovine DXer: For QSLing cows from at least ten different farms.
Bovine DXpert: As above for 25 different farms.

Domesticated Animals DXer: For QSLing at least one of ten different species.
Domesticated Animals DXpert: As above for 25 different species.

Take note that the QSLs for the Bovine DXer awards can not come from the same farm. QSLing multiple cows from the same farm is akin to QSLing the same station on multiple frequencies. In other words, it only counts in Australia.

The second set of awards is much more difficult. You won't be able to get these just by visiting nearby dairy and hog farms. The serious DXer of domesticated animals will have to be on the look-out for goats, sheep, llamas, buffalo, chinchillas, etc. In fact, getting to 25 species will probably require some travel outside of North America.

And all QSLs must either be signed by the owner of the animal or contain the (hoof) mark of said animal.