Editor: Dillon Hollister

2355 PAPUA NEW-GUINEA Radio Eastern Lowlands 0945-1008* w/ panic-sounding talk in local language mixed with sounds of thunder and heavy rain on tin roof. Then it sounded like someone jumped in a swimming pool and the carrier was cut. They should know better than to go swimming during thunderstorms. (Phil Candaro - sent from my Android Phone)

3290 GUYANA Vo Guyana 0948-1002 w/ lt mx and ID "You've been listening to The Voice of Guyana ... because we're probably the only station left broadcasting on ninety meters." (Jack Bradbury - Sent from HP laptop using the keyboard and WiFi)

4765 TAJIKISTAN Tajik Radio 0300-0330 Presumed with man talking in listed Tajik. But sure sounds like Spanish to me. (Finelli) Maybe it was. Those illegal immigrants are everywhere. (ed)

4795 KYRGYZSTAN Kyrgyz Radio 2145-2200* Talk in presumed Kyrgyz, ID, then off. As usual, the carrier was cut about three notes into the national anthem. I'm sure their audience appreciates that given how crappy their anthem sounds. (Jack Mann - Sent from my Dell laptop by typing with my tongue on the keyboard)

4955 PERU Radio Cultural Amauta 1012-1037 Peruvian folk mx and man talking in local language. I don't see what's so cultural about this. I never hear opera music. (Rumbley) They use the folk mx to draw listeners. According to Dan Muir the talk you hear is the morning show discussing 18th century French literature. (ed)

5075 USA KRZY Crab Orchard TN 0220-0240 With talk about how local governments are subsidizing the construction of domed sports stadiums for use as detention centers for all the people brought in by the black helicopters. Makes sense to me. (Houtz)

5915 ZAMBIA Radio Zambia *0240-0305 w/ s/on ID and then several station staff talking excitedly about upcoming visit to station of the exterminators, a company named Cockroach Be Gone. (Mann)

6070 CANADA CFRX 1957-2005 w/ Toronto weather then ID "This is CFRX, Canada's Most Powerful Shortwave Broadcaster" followed by news then plug for local tourism bureau "Visit Toronto, where the white powdery stuff isn't always snow. Just ask our mayor." (Kyle)

6135 BOLIVIA Radio Santa Cruz 0032-0110 w/ play-by-play coverage of a llama polo match between the Pando Pendejos and the Beni Banditos. (Dan Muir - Sent from my Windows Phone Using MiniBlueScreen)

6165 CHAD R N'Djamena 0430-0500 w/ French nx rpts following recent street riots. President Hakouma Abakar announced that he will not run for reelection once his current term expires. (Carbonneau). According to Wikipedia five years ago he was elected president-for-life. (ed)

7355 ASCENCION BBC 0515-0545 English w/ Assignment pgm, which this month is visiting donut shops in Africa. (Mann) I still think that for exciting listening nothing can beat the series they did on African eating utensils. (ed)

9200 TAIWAN Sound of Hope 1333 in Chinese, man speaking. I played a recording of this to a Chinese exchange student and he said the ancr's name was Bob. (Bill Rumbley - Sent from my IPhone just to prove that I am superior to the rest of you schmucks)

9315 EGYPT Radio Cairo 0230 Eng w/ talks about plans to modernize the pyramids by installing aluminum siding. There are lots of disagreements over which colors would look best. (Humboldt)

9664.797 BRASIL R Voz Missionaria 0125-0145 w/ usual programs advoacting sexual positions approved by the Catholic Church. The programming is a monotonous bore but you can't beat their QSL card. (Finelli) You need to listen at their 0900 sign-on. Once or twice a week the first ten minutes are very exciting. (ed)

9870 INDIA AIR Bengaluru 1130-1147 w/ what sounded like a Hindi version of Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall.(Will Cedoux listening in my car by the lake with the Eton E1 and Sony AN1 active antenna. Conditions are really poor this morning so good thing I picked up a hooker on the drive here.)

11352 UNID 2139-2221 Tuned in to hear man say "Bravo Foxtrot Foxtrot" then went into non-stop Frank Sinatra songs. (Bradbury) I heard a guy talking to someone named Roger on this frequency once. (ed)

11595 AUSTRALIA Reach Beyond Australia 1430-1500 The program schedule says they play "inspirational music" at this time. But they're wrong.I just fell asleep while listening. (Kyle) I guess it didn't reach you. (ed)

11734 ZANZIBAR Radio Tanzania Zanzibar 1814-1849 w/ Talk by man interspersed with brief bits of some sort of vocal mx. Or maybe it just the same man clearing his throat a lot. (Mann)

11770 UNITED KINGDOM BBC 2100 w/ English nx. Started with item about something called the Y2K problem, whatever that is. (Art Flemington - Sent via the Post Office using paper and envelope)

11945 ROMANIA Radio Romania International 0200-0300 English nx then into regular Friday night program Strip Clubs of Bucharest. This has been running for about two months now. Each week announcers Doru Radu and Andrei Popescu visit one of Bucharest's best strip clubs. Has become one of my favorite programs on SW. (Carbonneau - Sent by carrier pigeon)

13845 USA WWCR 1630-1715 w/ University network ... sermon by Reverend Barbi. Her voice created a warm smoky feeling in my rectum not unlike a smoke enema. Won't say what type of smoke it was. But I used to do a lot of those in the late 1960s. Those were the days. (Bradbury)

15155 TAIWAN Radio Taiwan International 2130-2200 in English w/ nx follwed by program "Let's Learn to Write in Chinese". The announcers carefully describe how certain characters are drawn. Listeners draw them on paper and then send photos of their work to the station. (Hollister)


Jack Bradbury - Crab Orchard, TN
Phil Candaro - Nine Times, SC
Andre Carbonneau - Trois-Pistoles, PQ
Will Cedoux - Climax, SK
Ryan Finelli - Lost Channel, ON
Art Flemington - What Cheer, IA
Dillon Hollister - Chilly, ID
Gus Houtz - Round Rock, TX
Carson Humboldt - Paradise Valley, NV
Bill Kyle - Elbow Lake, MN
Jack Mann - Moose River, ME
Dan Muir - Location Unknown
Bill Rumbley - Chance, MD