Listener's Trashbag

Editor: Sven Gonzalez

If in this column I'm using very little of the material you send me, then you probably aren't groveling enough. Personal visits to grovel on my front door step are best, but I am impressed by videos of groveling provided they are at least 15 minutes in length.

Effective immediately, please only use Roman Numerals for frequencies when sending DX news to me. If you're not smart enough to use them then you aren't smart enough to be reading my column. And please limit usage of adverbial phrases in your DX news. Their overuse makes me nauseous.(sg)


BELARUS Radio Belarus has recently started a "Design Your QSL" application. Create an account on their website and upload your favorite pictures. These will be used to print unique station QSLs just for you. (Yemeni Review of DX Law via Phil Candaro) Imagine the possibilites (sg).

BOLIVIA Jaime Castillo, manager of Radio Santa Cruz, wants to point out that his station has never broadcast in Fulani and has no plans to do so. (Luna DX via Dillon Hollister)

CHINA More reports have surfaced about the ink used on China Radio International's QSL cards causing painful skin rashes. What is not known is why so many married male DXers insist on placing their CRI QSL cards inside the front of their trousers. (Union of DX Spouses)

NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria has a new online QSL service. Just submit your report on their website. The will charge one dollar to your credit card for return postage. (Baffin Island DX Club)

ROMANIA Radio Romania International's popular Friday night program Strip Clubs of Bucharest has been canceled. Announcers Doru Radu and Andrei Popescu have been fired because of too many 'irregularities' on their expense accounts. (DX Culinary Digest via Ryan Finelli)

USA New station in Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania is Amish Sundial Radio with time pips and announcements of the current time once an hour according to the sundial. Station is inactive on cloudy days and at night. Frequency unknown and is very hard to hear since they don't have electricity in the transmitter building. (Society of Existential DXers)

UNITED (DESPITE SCOTLAND) KINGDOM New program schedule out for the BBC Just-A-Few-Parts-Of-The-World Service. Looking forward to the new series Holidays About Rodents. Groundhog Day is my favorite time of year so will be fun to learn about new rodent-centric holidays. Among others, Paraguay has a Capybara Day and several places in Africa have celebrations about the Hairy-Footed Gerbil and the Naked Mole Rat. Tuesday 0830, 2030, Wednesday 1915, 2330. Also BBC will be repeating an old favorite from the 1990s, the ten part History of Toothpicks. Wednesday 0715 2130, Friday 0945. But we can't hear BBC in North America, anyway. So who cares? (Carson Humboldt) Yes. But it is a good opportunity to buy a new box of toothpicks. Most of the ones in my box have been used five or six times by now. (sg)


ASCENSION "Sven, Your report of BBC Ascension on 11720 at 2230 was clearly incorrect. They sign-off on that frequency at 2200 and have for years. Did you mistype 2130?" (Christina Van Helder) You're right, Christina. That was my mistake. I hope this minor slip-up does nothing to diminish the hero-worship that I know all BLANDXers have for me. (sg)

BRAZIL - Radio San Carlos is now Radio Aunt Carlos. No, you don't want to know the story behind this one. (Jack Mann) Thanks for the tip. Let's hope it's accurate this time. (sg)

CANADA CFRX 6070 Has several new canned ID announcements, e.g. "This is CFRX, Canada's Most Powerful Shortwave Broadcast Station." and "CFRX - The Mightly 1000 watt Voice of Canada". (Baffin Island DX Club)

DJIBOUTI Radio TV Djibouti will be changing frequencies. The current frequency is an unlucky number in their dictator's horoscope. (Union of Exiled Ugandan DX Clubs)

INDIA According to an e-mail from Ananda Ganesh of AIR Chennai Everyone at the station is more joyful since we replaced the old Scotch Pine air fresheners in the office. The new ones are jasmine which puts us in touch with our Indian roots. (Bureau of DX Haberdashery)

INDONESIA The studio building of RRI Termite (3345) has disintegrated. They have announced that their next studio building will be brick. (DX Illusionary Digest)

MADAGASCAR 13840 July 13 at 0528 surprised to hear a couple words of English here. Even stranger was the canned laugh track. Then I remembered that I had left the TV on in the living room. (sg)

MALI Correction to the item on Radio Mali newscast in our bulletin last month. It should have read that following a Viagra ad there was an announcement that the president was planning to hold an election over a three day period. (DX Suggestion)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA A correction to the report last month. Radi Sanduan was not broadcasting a commentary advocating legalizaling cannabis. They are advocating legalizing cannabalism. (Sociedade DX de Meseros Uruguayos) Hmmm ... I wonder if that explains what happened to that German DXer who disappeared while visiting PNG stations several years ago? (sg)

PERU Radio Continente is now Radio Incontinente. (Swedish DX Commando) After the recent accidents, it's no wonder. (sg)

PHILIPINES Contrary to the report last month, the Far East Broadcasting Corporation (FEBC) will not be changing its name to the Far East Christian Evangelical Service (FECES). (DX Culinary Digest)

QATAR Radio Qatar has announced that they will no longer allow porn on their website. In the future all women will be required to wear veils. (Association of Southern Saudi DXers)

USA While tuning the MW band last night I came across KMOX 1120 with a silly ball game. It was one of the silliest I've ever heard. I laughed until tears were streaming down my face and my ribs were aching. Fortunately I had emptied my bladder shortly before. (Sven Gonzalez)


Today, I was fortunate in being able to intercept a splendid Asian Daytime Propagation Mode event on 9 MHz, in the window 0300 to 0330, 1 pm local standard time here. (Paul Roberts, Queensland, Australia) I hope the stains come out of your underwear. (sg)

Sven, as you are both a Hindu and a vegetarian, I find it inappropriate and even hypocritcal that you allow your World of Jammers program to be on Hamburger Lokalradio. (Dr. Philip Simpson) Hindu, yes. But who said anything about being vegetarian. Bring on the steak. I like the idea of eating other peoples' grandmothers. (sg)