Yes - April 12 is HAPPY HAUSER DAY around the world as we celebrate the birthday of our DX Hero, the Emir of Enid, Glenn Hauser!

It is said that on the day Glenn was born that the ionosphere rejoiced.

As radio hobbyists, we all have our own special Hauser Day traditions. Here at BLANDX headquarters, we will hold a solemn ceremony at 1700 UTC, when we all face in the direction of Enid and stretch our arms out to the side in imitation of a dipole antenna while humming the World of Radio theme song. It's very moving and there's not a dry eye in the room.

We thought you might like to know about how Hauser Day is celebrated in some other parts of the world, so we assigned Christina Van Helder and Clay Hastings to research an article for us -


We would like to do a more thorough look at how this most special day for DXers is celebrated around the world. So, please e-mail us descriptions of your Hauser Day traditions. Photos are appreciated!

Bill Kyle
CEO, The BLANDX Corporation