If you have a website and haven't set up Google Analytics, you're missing out a really good way to waste hours of time. Some of it is interesting. And, finding out what search words and phrases brought people to particular pages on your site can be downright bizarre (especially when your website is downright bizarre).

Per Google Analytics, here are the most viewed pages for the period March 2008 to February 2010.

1)BLANDX Home Page
2)Dead DXer's Stuff Index
3)HC Naughty
4)Historical DX Humor Menu
5)DXers' Bible Main Page
6)Original 1981 BLANDX
7)The Radio Family Volume 3
8)The Dracosonic Bailout
9)April 2009 BLANDX Menu
10)Radio Family - Antennas
11)ODXA DX Camp
12)AIR Elephant Booger QSL
13)Dracosonic R-65 Review
14)Radio Yugoslavia 1937 QSL
15)WPII22 Vintage QSL
16)Radio Family - Madives
17)April 2008 QSL Column
18)Radio Family - DX Letters
19)April 2008 From the CEO
20)WWD Vintage QSL
21)April 2009 QSL Column
22)April 2008 Pirate Column
23)Radio Family Vol 2 Index
24)Radio Family - Crystal Radio
25)Radio Family - Dead Bands

During the same period, 40% of hits on BLANDX were direct (people typing in an address or clicking on a bookmark). Slightly less, 39%, came from clicking on links in referring sites and the remaining 21% came from search engine results (more on that below).

Here are the top referring websites (not including search engines) for the same period.

I'm surprised that the QSL columns made the list two times and Listeners' Trashbag did not. In the editor's opinion TBag has the best material.

The fun stuff is looking at the keywords from searches that brought people to a page in BLANDX.

One of the top pages for hits from search engines is the hc naughty page. There have been over 75 hits from people searching for some version of the phrase naughty QSL cards alone. If you Google the phrase naughty QSL cards this page comes out first on the list. But, why are so many people searching for naughty QSL cards? Maybe we're onto something here? Five other hits on this page came from people searching for naughty secretary pictures, while two were searching for anything naughty.

At least those people found what they were looking for. You have to wonder what some other people thought who got pointed to this page by Google results, such as queries for radio catolica nacional ecuador, religious qsl cards, catholic qsl card, and what is quito ecuador known for.

People searching for qsl hcjb and naughty secretary pictures both spent just over 2 minutes on the page before leaving while people just looking for naughty qsl cards spent about 23 seconds on average. I guess we know who took the time to do something besides look at the pictures. Or, maybe people looking for HCJB QSLs really enjoyed the pictures?

The AIR Elephant Booger QSL page gets lots of hits from people looking for variations on largest booger and elephant booger. At one point there was a site in South Africa with wildlife facts that came out on top for search of world's largest elephant booger and they linked back to this page, which they had taken as the truth. Sadly, they have since taken it down.